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EditorialThe Worst Matches Of All Time: Edition #1

The Worst Matches Of All Time: Edition #1



Brothers Of Destruction vs Kronik – Unforgiven 2001

During the WCW/ECW Invasion, the Brothers of Destruction became the WCW Tag Team Champions, and soon ran into a roadblock as Stevie Richards introduced Kronik. Despite the valiant efforts by Taker n’ Kane to put the team over, Kronik were not up to the task.

Adams had been wrestling for years, but his ring work had deteriorated. Following the match, both men were asked to work in development, and while Adams agreed, Clark took it offensively and quit. The match was not a complete disaster, but as you watch, you will see its down to the brothers to provide the quality.

Cannot find any better quality videos, so you may be better off watching it without full screen.

Jake Roberts vs Andre The Giant – Wrestlemania V

Skip to 3:30 to skip the entrances. So Big John Studd was the referee, and as you may notice, he doesn’t play the part well. The exposed turnbuckle remains throughout, and the match lingers on with no signs of quality.

Andre was slowing down as his health deteriorated, and no amount of selling from Jake was going to save it. It’s hard to say anything else about it, except perhaps it was better than nothing? The ending was lame too.

Triple H vs Scott Steiner – Royal Rumble 2003

The match is in three parts. Skip to 9:00 to miss the promos/entrances.

As Smackdown continued with the rivalry between Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit for the WWE Championship (the match after this was Angle vs Benoit in a classic), Raw had a different approach with Scott Steiner (face) vs Triple H (heel) for the World Championship.

Neither men are considered the greatest technicians, although they were experienced enough to deliver a good match if motivated with the right opponent. Sadly, it was not one of those times. Can you make it through all three parts? You may appreciate your average Smackdown match a little more after this one. Also you can say Steiner was the true founder of Suplex City!

Jim Ross: “I’ve never seen this many suplexes in my life!”

Once again, finding quality videos for these matches can be difficult. Below are the links for part 2 & 3 of Triple H vs Scott Steiner. Enjoy!

Part 2 –

Part 3 –

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