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EditorialTiffany's Takes: AEW DARK Results 2/11/2020 & BTE # 190

Tiffany’s Takes: AEW DARK Results 2/11/2020 & BTE # 190



The Elites are in Huntsville, Alabama! Will AEW reach the stars or fizzle on the landing?

Being the Elite #190 – Rocket City


Barista!Matt at it again.

His obsession with coffee is like Nick’s with merchandise.

Poor Nick and Brandon are like me when confronted with the evil that is coffee.

Brandon about spit out that mess but swallowed to save Matt’s feelings.

Brandon’s a great friend to choke that down to make Matt happy.

Nick doesn’t even try to pretend to drink it and doesn’t give a fuck that Matt saw it.

Young Bucks Coffee. Matt feeling unsatisfied with EVP?

Love the fan interaction.

DUDE, the Bucks in Space Camp! I remember when that was SUCH a thing in the 80s and early 90s.

OH! Oh, no! I can’t watch this, I get queasy! The bungee seat thing looks fun.

WHOA, look at the rockets! That’s so cool!

Dude, that was SUCH an elementary school joke! It’s not even a good dad joke.

Hey, Scorpio Sky is back! He met Mariska Harkitay! He stole Kazarian’s bit and Kazarian ain’t having it.

Uh oh, Kazarian and Sky suspect Christopher Daniels.

Sammy Guevara is SUCH a douche!

Wait, was Sammy in the Dark Order? Holy cats, is the Inner Circle aligned with the Dark Order or is Sammy the mystery hands that walked away?

Ugh, Orange Cassidy.

I don’t know who these hands belong to, but they’re annoying.

Sammy proselytizing for the Dark Order?

Oh, never mind, is that Woody Harrelson? Who the fuck is this guy?

Sammy has been scammed by Psychic Friends Network.

I guess it never hurts to try.

Cutler is the man for trying to sell this.

AWW! Always a fan of when the kids get in the ring.

Oh, Matt. Someone’s gotta tell him.

Oh, no, not Merch Freak!

Has Kenny been there the whole time trying to avoid being a coffee taster?

Oh, Lord, help us all.

Getting ready for war.

I feel for Hangman Page. That was like THE ELITE!! and Hangman Page.

This promo showing the cracks in the elite getting bigger never get old.

Matt trying beer? He’s straight edge, I think. His reaction to beer was the same as mine the first, second, and final time I tried it.

Page wanting to pay back Private Party is part of the twelve step program…I think.

Orange is grouchy…or sour. Ba dum bump *cymbal crash*

Cody’s back…man. And Page just standing there. Oh…are we putting down the booze?! Yay…I hope. Nope. Oh well, it’s a start.

AEW Dark – Rocket City Rumble

Second week without Dasha Gonzalez, but Schiavone promises that she’ll be back next week in Austin. Apparently Taz and Excaliber are the official commentary team for AEW Dark, which is AWESOME!

Riho vs Shoko Nakajima

I don’t remember Nakajima wrestling in AEW before, but her music is annoying AF. OH, now I remember her, she teamed with Bea Priestley in the match that Britt Baker got hurt in and there was a spot where Britt grabbed her by that tail…thing. Okay, now I’m with the program.

Either Riho bounced back REALLY well from that hard way contract signing, or this was done before Dynamite. Is it wrong for me to be rooting for Nyla to win?

Uh, WTF is Nakajima wearing? She looks like she’s cosplaying a horse.

This match isn’t TERRIBLE, but it’s definitely been sloppy so far. Nakajima’s tope suicida could’ve been better. Yeah, I’m not loving this match. It’s okay, but it’s been sloppy in spots and Riho’s moveset is pretty predictable, and I’ve got two dead grandmothers who could punch more convincingly. I’m not wanting to shade Riho or Nakajima, but I’m ready for this match to be over. The Northern Lights suplexes were cool, though.

Riho wins, no shock there, bring on Nyla Rose and hopefully a new Women’s Champion.

Jimmy Havoc vs Sonny Kiss

Is it wrong that I’m already predicting disaster with this match up? You couldn’t find two people more different than Havoc and Kiss. I could be wrong, this match could be amazing, but I’m not holding my breath.

Okay, not a disaster, but I’m not feeling this AT ALL. This isn’t a good contrasting styles match up, this is like a match meme gone mad.

Havoc’s trying to save it with brutality, but it’s not working, this crowd is DEAD. Okay, that one armed suplex by Kiss was impressive. Shouldn’t Havoc getting his foot up and hitting Kiss THERE be a DQ?

Havoc wins via submission and this match is THANKFULLY over! Luther is here! How sad is it that we need remnants of Nightmare Collective to save this show right now?

Upcoming Shows: Austin, Atlanta, Kansas City, Chicago (Revolution) Broomfield (Denver), Salt Lake City, Rochester, Newark, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Boston, Philadelphia, Las Vegas (Double or Nothing II).

Hikaru Shida vs Cassandra Golden

Love Shida, no idea who Cassandra Golden is, I’m guessing that she’s a local talent and she looks ready to go. Okay, you know your company is over if you get a ‘Roll __ Roll’ in Alabama.

Golden with the definite size advantage, sis is THICC. Shida made a big mistake: NEVER grab another woman’s weave. I like Golden, she definitely has the skills to go places, and it’s clear that someone is high on her because this match isn’t a squash. ‘

Either Shida is on her way out or AEW is planning on signing Golden because she got a legit near fall on Shida.

Someone should tell Golden to rethink her top, you don’t want to keep making sure the girls are in after every near fall.

Shida wins, but that was a HELL of a job match. I think we’ll see Cassandra Golden in AEW sooner or later because she nearly had Shida a few times.

Dark Order vs Jurassic Express (Jungle Boy and Marko Stunt)

Okay, that women’s match should’ve been the main event; but let’s see what’s going on with Dark Order’s plans for world domination.

Jurassic Order is SOO over it’s not funny. There is no Luchasaurus this week, darn.

I love Marko Stunt, his personality reminds me of Rey Mysterio: The underdog everyone underestimates. Jungle Boy reminds me of young HBK.

Has anyone tried to unmask Evil Uno? Seems like a lost opportunity.

Okay, this match is pretty good, much better than I thought it would be. Marko Stunt and Jungle Boy have improved a LOT since AEW debuted and that match with Jericho seems to have done wonders for Jungle Boy’s confidence.


I find it interesting that Stunt and Jungle Boy have hit Hardy Boyz type moves in this match. Foreshadowing?

Ouch, Dark Order gets the pin on Marko Stunt, but that was a really good match. I didn’t have high hopes for it when this started. Huh, no promo? No offer to join the Dark Order? No, looks like we’re getting a beat down. Where’s Luchasaurus? Here he comes. Who wants to fight a dinosaur? Beaver Boys are about to get killed. Stereo chokeslams! Evil Uno and…other guy I keep wanting to call Jay Cutler getting involved, but SCU is here to save us! Christopher Daniels called Dark Order out. This going to be so fun IF Matt Hardy is the Exalted One.

That was a better show than I was expecting, especially after that Havoc/Kiss mess.

That’s it for Tiffany’s AEW Dark Takes! Tune in tomorrow for AEW Dynamite coverage!

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