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EditorialTiffany's Takes: AEW Dynamite February 19, 2020

Tiffany’s Takes: AEW Dynamite February 19, 2020



Tiffany’s Takes covers the Elites foray in Georgia! Will Cody have a spectacular homecoming against Wardlow, or will his road to Revolution end?

Tag Team Battler Royal – Winner Face Tag Team Champions at Revolution

I like that AEW is keeping stuff simple with this. Lot of high risk offence for a battle royal. Like, that’s the LAST thing you want to do is go up top. Jack Evans being thrown out by the other teams is hilarious.

Oh, that creepy Dark Order guy actually exists and he’s even creepier in person.

Were PnP not in this, did they get eliminated? They just showed up. This is going much slower than most battle royals I’ve seen, I like it. I like seeing all the tag teams AEW has.

Dark Order is proselytizing to everyone who was eliminated.

Trent pulling a Kofi at the Royal Rumble is FABULOUS!

Damn, it’s Matt Jackson vs EVERYONE! He’s a strong little fucker, too.


MJF and Wardlow

Wardlow getting ready to fuck shit up with Cody.I’m both excited and nervous about this cage match.

The Rhodes family and Pharaoh, hopefully, Pharaoh will stay backstage.

Kris Statlander vs Shanna

I’m pulling for Shanna here, not gonna lie. Shanna, or Britt, please punch Statlander in the face. Oh, LOVE Shanna booping Statlander back.

Okay, this is a really good match! C’mon, Shanna! Don’t let the weirdo beat you!

I really enjoyed this match. AEW has been criticized for their seemingly lackluster women’s division, but Shanna and Statlander really showed the potential of the women in the division. Hopefully, the upcoming second show will give them more time. I’m not happy Statlander won, it should’ve been Shanna, but that was a fabulous match.

Nyla Rose

I love this look back to last week’s FANTASTIC Women’s Championship Match between Nyla Rose and Riho. Still stoked Nyla won.

Mixed reaction, but Nyla’s the champ, sorry. I agree that she should’ve been first champion, but I see why they didn’t go that way, she was a little too rough around the edges. Oh, no, I don’t want Statlander again, she had her chance, time to move on, I’d rather see Big Swole get a match.

Jon Moxley vs Jeff Cobb

Mox ain’t dressed to wrestle. I’m a little puzzled as to why Jericho and Guevara have tickets, when Guevara interfered in the battle royal. Oh, Mox’s ribs are bandaged. Ouch.

Mox has no fear of Cobb or anyone else. It is weird to see Mox as the underdog babyface, it’s not a role I usually associate with him.

This was a really good match, Mox and Cobb had a great match back in NJPW during the G1 Climax and this is equally good. Mox showed off his ring intelligence by trying to take out Cobb’s legs. Moxley wins by roll up, which protects Cobb since Cobb dominated the match. Mox FINALLY gets some help with the Inner Circle with Dustin Rhodes and Darby Allin, which I LOVE! Looks like we’ll be having a multi man tag match next week for the go home show: Inner Circle vs Mox, Allin, and Rhodes.

Tag Team Championship Match – Kenny Omega and Hangman Page vs Lucha Brothers

Time to see who faces the Young Bucks at Revolution. I really want Omega and Page to win just to see Page’s less than friendly machinations be exposed, but I wouldn’t be mad about the Lucha Brothers finally getting the straps.

This was SUCH a good match! I’m still irked that a non tag team got the Tag Team Gold before the Lucha Brothers because the Lucha Brothers are THAT. DAMN. GOOD! I actually didn’t write a whole lot about this because I didn’t want to stop watching. Omega and Page retain which means they will face the Young Bucks at Revolution! It’s Elite vs Elite at Revolution and it’s going to be ugly. At least the Bucks are being good sports and friends. Page, not so much. Celebratory beer and we’re going to next week.

We’re seriously getting AEW action figures. That’s cool!

2-26-20 Card
  • PAC vs Kenny Omega – Iron Man Match
  • Best Friends vs Butcher and Blade
Cage Match – Cody vs Wardlow

Tiffany's Takes AEW

Love this promo video. I’m a little nervous about this cage match because I’m afraid they’re going to make it too complicated. So, you can only win by pinfall or submission, not by escaping the cage. That doesn’t sound TOO bad.

Okay, Wardlow isn’t NEARLY as jacked as I expected. He’s not a 90lb weakling, but I was expecting more. Cody gets a HUGE hometown pop. Cody not alone, he’s got Brandi AND Arn Anderson, either of whom could kick MJF’s ass.

This match was so good. Cody got busted open, he seems to have the same view of color as his dad: More is better. I like that MJF forgot that only Cody has to keep his hands off him, Brandi and Arn aren’t bound by that.

Cody gets the win after that heart stopping Moonsault off the cage. Fuck Fear. Now, MJF has no way out, he has to face Cody at Revolution. Also, kudos to Wardlow for catching him. Hey, we got Wile E. Coyote cam! The look on MJF’s face, he knows he’s fucked.

That’s all of the Tiffany’s Takes for AEW Dynamite! Stay tuned for all our continuing coverage!

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