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EditorialTiffany's Takes: AEW Revolution 2/29/20

Tiffany’s Takes: AEW Revolution 2/29/20



AEW Revolution is about to be televised! Who will be the last people standing?

SCU vs Dark Order

IMO, Dark Order’s already won this, no matter if they get a pinfall or not because they’ve gotten Scorpio Sky and Frankie Kazarian to distrust Christopher Daniels.

This was SUCH a great match! Both sides were in peak form and put on a hell of a show. Evil Uno doesn’t LOOK to be in that great of shape, but he can move around for his size and plays the heel role very well.

Dark Order gets the win, but like I said earlier, they’d already won.

Not sure WHY Colt Cabana is here, I’m hoping that he’s NOT the Exalted One. Nope, he’s getting his ass kicked.

Daniels about gave me a heart attack with that hooded figure swerve. So, Daniels proved himself to his boys…or did he? Guess we’ll find out when the Exalted One arrives.

PAC vs Orange Cassidy

I’d forgotten all about PAC taking out Cassidy in a match a few months ago. I’m ‘eh’ on this match, but I could be surprised.

Okay, I’m bored. Does he do anything else? Oh, good move there, but I’m still fucking bored. End this fool PAC.

Well, this is going better than I expected, but I’m not into it. Uh, what are the Lucha Bros doing in here? We got chaos! Cassidy taps to the Rings of Saturn or Elf’s Revenge, take your pick. That was…something.

Sammy Guevara vs Darby Allin

I’m a little surprised that Guevara came alone, guess the Inner Circle is getting ready for later tonight.

Okay, I was ready to sing this match’s praises, then Allin botched that suicide dive, yikes. Good on Guevara for selling it anyway. I like that AEW allows weapons at ringside, just not IN the ring. Holy fucking hell, that…630 through the table (Thank you, Twitter).

Okay, I’m back into after that botch. This is really good. I’m not sure if these guys could be a fight forever, but it’s possible.

Allin gets the win, much to my surprise, but that was a great match! Hager saves Guevara’s ass, but this probably isn’t over. Could this be a set up for Blood and Guts?

Dustin Rhodes vs Jake Hager

This match was one I was ‘eh’ on. I love Dustin Rhodes, but I’m not a fan of Hager’s. I hope that’s his wife he’s trying to tongue fuck.

I was expecting a squash, given Hager’s background, I’m glad that didn’t happen. This was a really good match for both guys. Rhodes is 50, but he more than held his own with Hager, who is an amateur wrestler AND an MMA fighter. I like that Hager’s girl is keeping him motivated. Okay, I REALLY hope that kiss was cleared ahead of time cuz…YIKES.

DAMN, this is a FIGHT! Rhodes and Hager flat beat the fuck out of each other.

I’m not surprised Hager won, I expected it, I’m just glad Dustin Rhodes got a great match to show off how good he still is.

I’m SO stoked for Blood and Guts, which is War Games, just without the name.

Cody vs MJF

This was one of the marquee matches of the night. Let’s settle this shit. Cody came out with a neck tat and a ton of friends. Big fight feel.

This match was pretty good. It couldn’t hope to live up to the hype, not after almost three months of building, but it was damn close. Cody going ALL the way to Gorilla to get the momentum to clothesline MJF was hilarious. Also loving Brandi hiding behind AA after throwing beer on Waldo.

I really enjoyed this match. There seemed to be so much at stake and it had a big fight feeling. I could’ve done without the show at ringside between Waldo, AA, and Brandi, but it didn’t take away from the match. Also, BIG kudos to Brandi for having no fear in that spot with Waldo.

Love the Dusty call outs and MJF begging for mercy. I don’t agree with MJF going over, that should’ve been Cody’s redemption match. I guess this is going forward.

AEW Tag Team Championship – Kenny Omega and Hangman Adam Page vs The Young Bucks

I’m a little surprised this is the third match on the card, but I’m guessing that there’s a bigger story to be told later. Or I’m used to NJPW putting all the minor matches early and putting the title matches later.

I find it interesting that there was no snarky comment on Page’s…intro thing.

I like that they’re emphasizing that Omega needs to rely on his somewhat unreliable partner to beat the Bucks because to the Iron Man Match on Wednesday. Okay, that spot was disgusting. Love that it pissed Matt off.

In terms of storytelling, this was a fabulous match. I love that Page is like ‘Fuck these guys’ and Omega not liking it. Okay, gloves off, Page and Omega wanna fight dirty, the Bucks will too.

This was such a good match! I don’t know if the Elites will implode tonight, but they’re getting close. Especially since both sides know each other SO well.

Oh, you’re still here. Sorry, I got so wrapped up in this AMAZING match, I forgot to take notes. This shit is AMAZING! Bucks have gotten a lot of flack for only being spot monkeys but they shut that down with some amazing work and storytelling.

IF I had a grip about this match, it’s the length. I’m not a fan of long matches because I think it takes away from the storytelling, but this was a great match AND told a great story. Omega and Page won, which I’m a little disappointed in since it feels like it’s past time for the Bucks to be on top. I like that the Bucks want to show that there’s no hard feelings, it was just business, but Page is taking it too personally.

AEW Women’s Championship – Nyla Rose vs Kris Statlander

The one match I’m not jazzed about. I like Nyla, but I don’t like Statlander and I don’t think she should’ve gotten another title shot. Big Swole has been on fire lately and her being excluded irritates me.

This match was pretty good considering that there was no real story or build to it. Rose and Statlander worked really well together and were a good match for each other.

I know a lot of people on Twitter were mad about Rose vs Statlander being RIGHT after that amazing tag match, but this is the one match on the card without a story or build, so, in my opinion, it’s in the right spot. PAC vs Orange Cassidy actually does have something of a story behind it, so putting it here would’ve been a waste.

Rose retains, which I’m very happy about, but it was a good match for both women.

AEW Championship Match – Chris Jericho vs Jon Moxley

It’s time for the marbles. I’m so nervous about this match, y’all are going to have to do without me for awhile. I’ll get back to you when the match is over, for better or worse. It’s not that I’m not excited, but it’s more that I’ve almost come to expect Mox/Ambrose to lose the big matches and if I watch and he doesn’t win, I’ll be incoherent with rage.

I will say, from what I’ve seen, Jericho and Mox have been beating the fuck out of each other.


AEW Revolution

Seriously, I was so sure we were going to get swerved. I’m so used to WWE swerving at the last second, I expected anything. I feel like I did in 2016 when Mox beat Seth Rollins for the title, but this feels better because this isn’t a back up plan, Jericho isn’t in trouble for something.

This is AEW telling Mox ‘We believe in you and we want you to be our champ’. That is a magnificent feeling. Thank you, AEW.

And now we conclude Tiffany’s Takes for AEW Revolution!

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