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EditorialTop 5 Replacements For Rollins - Chosen By Facebook.

Top 5 Replacements For Rollins – Chosen By Facebook.



I am back once again with a top five poll chosen by our Facebook page followers. Those who commented did not know their answers would be used, and I allowed as many votes for different wrestlers as they wished to give.

So what’s the point in this poll? I shall explain it for you:

Seth Rollins, a longtime member of The Shield (one of the most dominant stables in WWE history), decided to turn on his “brothers” on this weeks Monday Night Raw. He gave no explanation for his actions on this weeks Smackdown. It is widely assumed by fans that Seth Rollins “sold out” after Triple H offered him a fat paycheck and/or contract to persuade him to join Evolution.

This happened on the same Raw that saw a frustrated Batista “quit” the WWE after Triple H refused to give him a shot at the World Championship. With that said, Evolution had to resort to “plan B”, which was the recruitment of Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns are scheduled to appear on next weeks Raw and give their views on what happened.

It got me thinking, if Evolution could take a member of The Shield, then surely Ambrose & Reigns can recruit a third member into their group? This would show Triple H it doesn’t matter how much money he waves in front of them, The Shield will continue to dominate, and they never needed Seth Rollins to be The Shield.

The question was asked, “If you could choose any wrestler on the current WWE/NXT rosters, who would it be?”. However, this question was not read properly, and as expected, many answers were given for wrestlers who are not on the WWE/NXT rosters. Here are the dishonourable mentions, and they are only dishonourable because of the fact that people can’t read.

Sting – 6 votes – Sting has yet to commit himself to wrestling for the WWE, and although he has made appearances on the WWE Network, the mention of Sting in The Shield is pure fantasy at this point. The Shield has represented young and ruthless talent who garnered a chemistry like no other stable ever has, so putting Sting in there is the exact opposite of what I would expect the 3rd member to be.

CM Punk – 8 votes – You knew this would happen. Fans are still pining after the straight edge superstar, they want him back in general, and they would love to see CM Punk renew his feud with Triple H. Although it would be cool to see CM Punk sporting attire of The Shield, I feel that CM Punk is not suited for this group. He has always been a leader of stables, his ego is so huge that he would not sacrifice himself for the good of The Shield. Does anyone remember the feud he had with The Shield? Why would he want to join them now? This is a poor choice in my opinion, and should be disregarded, CM Punk might never wrestle again.

So without further delay, I shall reveal the top five:

#5 Batista – 4 votes.

Bluetista … I mean … Bootista … sorry, I mean .. Batista, is a really poor choice but he was voted for. Batista has a huge ego, he isn’t the best at being a teamplayer (although I have to admit, he was getting better in Evolution) and I can’t see the fans buying into it. It would be a blatant substitution between Rollins and Batista, and although Batista is frustrated with his promises not being met, I can’t see that leading to him joining The Shield. He “quit” on Raw to go film some new movie, so he’s not coming back in the near future.

~ #3 Evan Bourne – 6 votes.

We have not seen Evan Bourne in a long time due to horrific injuries, but it is apparent he is still in the minds of wrestling fans. The reasoning behind these votes were more to do with his highflying style which may fit into The Shield’s group quite well. Evan Bourne has never been afraid to take risks, but is he ready to come back and be put straight into the main event scene? The biggest success he ever had was wrestling as one half of Airboom with Kofi Kingston. Could the fans really buy Evan Bourne as a main event player after so many years on the shelf?

~ #3 Sami Zayn – 6 votes.

I like this choice. Before coming to the WWE, Sami Zayn was already well known as El Generico, making a name for himself on the independent scene and Ring of Honor. He continues to make a name for himself, and Sami Zayn consistenly puts on match of the night in NXT, even if he is on the losing end. Sami Zayn would fit really well into The Shield, he is young, he is a new face, and he is someone wrestling purists respect. He could bring some charisma to the group, as the crowd chants “Olé!” during their matches.

#2 Adrian Neville – 9 votes.

“The man who gravity forgot” is my favourite choice, and not just because he comes from the north east of England like myself. This man is the NXT Champion, and although he is small in height, his physique looks like one of a heavyweight. He is one of the best high-flying wrestlers in the world today, and he has held that status for many years. Adrian Neville is a veteran in the ring having wrestled since 2004, he is more than ready to put on some of the greatest matches on a much bigger platform than NXT. His style is exciting, and I can see him being a teamplayer in The Shield, someone who will respect Ambrose and Reigns and do whatever he can to ensure their collective success. Is it time to push him up and vacate the NXT title?

#1  Corey Graves – 13 votes.

No, I have to admit, i’m not a big enough NXT fan to have seen this guy in action. I have never heard him speak on the microphone, I have only heard about him from other sources. He is a former NXT Tag Team Champion with Adrian Neville, and I have also seen comparisons stating he is a “poor mans CM Punk”, which even I can tell just from this one picture alone, he is not CM Punk. I suppose because he has tattoos right? Silly comparison. I was surprised to see the overwhelming votes for this man, so he has something. Just from looking at him, I can tell he has this rugged look, someone who can be ruthless like The Shield.

He debuted in wrestling back in 2000, so he has been wrestling for 14 years already. Would he be a better choice for The Shield then Adrian Neville or Sami Zayn?

Let me know your opinions. What makes Corey Graves the right choice for the job? Do you think the voters had it all wrong?

I have to say, before I started this poll, I was expecting Dolph Ziggler to be somewhere, but he garnered only two votes. I guess Ziggler isn’t in the minds of wrestling fans like he used to be. Anybody else who didn’t make the list didn’t make it because the voters didn’t vote for them. I had no control over who would vote for who, so you can blame them, not me!

I hope you enjoyed the list, and until next time, Believe In The Shield!

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