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EditorialWWE 2K16 Must See NXT Debuts!

WWE 2K16 Must See NXT Debuts!



No.1- Kevin Owens- Where to start? since debuting less than 6 months ago Owens has won the top price, the NXT Championship and has conquered over the all the top names in extraordinary fashion. His addition to the game would bring a hardcore, larger than life; high flying muscle machine type character who would fit in perfectly with all and would let fans be able to play out amazing dream matches.

No.2- Tyler Breeze- After shockingly not featuring in last years game be prepared to have the selfie mad Prince Gorgeous make his way onto the gameplay roster. Over the last year Breeze has consistently been in the main event picture and has day in day out put on spectacular matches. Expect an awesome entrance and an even more awesome move set. 

No.3- Finn Balor- Balor has been on a storm as of late defeating the biggest stars in NXT and making his presence felt. He has had incredible matches with the likes of Neville and Kevin Owens and has really shown off his out of this world talent. If he were to feature in the next instalment of the game franchise he will be coming with an amazing entrance and move set which will entice many fans. 

No.4- Hideo Itami- Since debuting in NXT he has delivered top quality bouts and has been featured prominently week in and week out. He made his WrestleMania debut at WrestleMania 31 in The Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal by winning an NXT tournament held at fan axxess by beating off top NXT stars. This shows the company have big plans for him and hows better to show this than featuring him in the next WWE game? 

No.5– Charlotte- She is a former NXT Women’s Champion and is tremendously athletic in the ring. Her unique move set will be a real positive contribution to the gameplay bringing a range of exciting new moves. She has superstar quality and as she is expected to make her main roster debut very soon who else is best fit for this position? 

No.6- Sasha Banks- She is the current NXT Women’s Champion and has consistently improved her in ring ability and character as a whole over the course of around a year. She would provide the diva division fans with an A+ performer to use in rivals and to have fun with as she has an outstanding set of moves in her arsenal such as the (Bank Statement). 

No.7- Bayley- She has been at the top of the division for so long now but has never been able to achieve the Women’s title which is one asset she provides to the game. What i mean by this is the ability to create a moment which hasn’t happened and is only a fantasy. We all want to receive a hug by Bayley on 2K16 right? 

No.8- The Lucha Dragons- Now debuted on to the main roster what an attribute both men will be to the game. Both bring quirky high flying skill sets which set them apart from the rest of the roster and they also provide the tag team division with some new fresh faces which is needed dramatically. Can the former NXT Tag Team Champions become WWE Tag Team Champions in your universe? 

No.9- Baron Corbin- What a monster this man is! Forget The End Of Days welcome in The Beginning Of Days on the WWE 2K16 roster. With the brawling style this inhuman monster brings to the ring, expect awesome matches to be created with ease and get ready for the exciting combinations of feuds and rivalries you will be able to insert this man into. 

No.10- Alexa Bliss- Becoming more and more popular and being featured a lot more prominently as of recent expect the addition of Alexa Bliss to the new game. In recent weeks Bliss has been on a roll and wether winning or losing has been putting on really good quality matches. Will the game get a touch of Bliss added to it? 

No.11- Bull Dempsey- He may not be the everyday type of wrestler you would expect but do expect an arsenal of agile moves from the big guy to ascend when featuring in cool matches such as the flying head butt from the top rope. He may not currently be at the top of the food chain in NXT but give it time and he will be there right at the top dominating all competition thrown at him. 

No.12- Becky Lynch- Lynch is an all rounder, her set of moves is so diverse and is she is such an enjoyment to watch. Adding Lynch as a character in the game would create great story lines with the other divas and would give her a wider fan base and more bragging rights which could even help further and develop her character. 

No.13- Enzo Amore and Cass- Both men are completely different in size and move wise but both mesh so well together as a team. The team could really contribute a lot to the game by spicing up a dry division and adding bit more flavour and variety. Do you want to see the New York dream team in 2K16? 

No.14- Blake and Murphy- Recently they were crowned the new NXT Tag Team Champions so straight away have a reason to be featured. Though i believe both should be featured on the bases of them being a team that works well and doesn’t just feel as if they have been thrown together because the company didn’t know what to do with them and even if the company did, the portrayal does not show that. The team would be an amazing addition to the tag team scene. 

No.15- Rhyno- Even though he only recently made a return to the company he has made quite the impact in NXT and it looks as if the company really see him as a top star. Imagine old dream matches as well as modern ones being able to be made all because on one guy. Well we should imagine no longer because the hope of it becoming a reality is high.

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