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EditorialWWE Rewrites History: "Macho Man" Spins His Way into the Hall of...

WWE Rewrites History: “Macho Man” Spins His Way into the Hall of Fame



Miss Elizabeth adjusted her crown. Scary Sherri gave a blink of her mascara darkened
eyes. The Hulkster, one half of the mega powers, is saying his prayers. All
these unique acts of wrestling history symbolize something wrestling fans all
over the world have been waiting on edge to see happen. The legend, “Macho Man”
Randy Savage was inducted as the first member of the WWE Hall of Fame’s Class
of 2015 the night before WrestleMania 31 on March 29 at the SAP Center in San
Jose, Calif. Oooh Yeah!

Savage, a
6-time World Champion, was a fixture within the WWE in the 80’s and was one the
main reasons for their success. His in ring ability, unmistakable voice, and charismatic
interviews were what separated him from all of the rest. The technical skills
he displayed and high flying ability were qualities that led some to remember
him as one of the greatest in-ring technicians of all time. His signature climb
to the top rope and magnificent elbow drop will go down in history as one of
the best. We all remember the music, the robe and the spin. The bedazzled
garments could be seen sparkling from one arena to the next.

Savage, who
died suddenly in 2011 in a fatal car accident, has always been a fan favorite
to get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame, but rumored tension between him and
Vince McMahon, which was carried on after Savage’s death by his younger brother
Lanny Poffo, lead many to believe this induction would never happen.

Now that the
time is here we get to reflect on his marvelous career and speculate what some
his greatest moments were. The best part about the speculation is that it is a
matter of opinion, which leads us to many beliefs. So what was his better
character, WCW/WWE? What was his greatest match? I personally preferred him in
the WWE character and reflect below on a few of my favorite matches.

Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Ric Flair
(WrestleMania VIII, April 5, 1992 – Indianapolis, IN)

For months,
in classic fashion, WWF Champion Ric Flair taunted Savage by claiming to have
been with Miss Elizabeth. This enraged Savage, who had a chance to win the belt
and restore his wife’s dignity in one event. This was a great match that
included Mr. Perfect, Flair’s second at that time, to get involved and try to preserve
a win. However, after his attempt at interference, Savage fought it off rolling
up Flair and pulling his tights to become champion for the second time.

Macho Man Randy Savage vs. Hulk Hogan
(WrestleMania V, April 2, 1989 – Atlantic City, NJ)

The Mega
Powers explode! Savage and Hogan split two months earlier, with Savage accusing
his one time friend of having wandering eyes for Miss Elizabeth. After the inevitable
split, Hogan vowed to set Savage straight by taking his gold. A heated main
event saw Savage pull Liz his way as Hogan tried to throw a punch. After Savage
busted Hogan open, he landed the Flying Elbow, but The Hulkster kicked out. The
champ then fell victim to Hogan’s trademark finish, including the signature Leg
Drop, and Macho Man’s paranoia led to his year-long World Title reign coming to
an end.

there are a ton of matches that could be up for review, but these are 2 off the
top of my head that give me good memories. What are your greatest moments and
matches? Thoughts?

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