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EditorialWWE Top 7 Main Roster Hopeful And Needed Feuds!

WWE Top 7 Main Roster Hopeful And Needed Feuds!



No.1- Seth Rollins Vs. Dean Ambrose Vs. Roman Reigns. The 3 former Shield members could easily pull off incredible matches against one another and whats even better is that the story is already created and has real deep routes and meaning to it. These 3 men are all top stars in the company and definitely the future of the company and what better way to give them all credibility than to give them a long lasting phenomenal main event feud that will dominate for months?

No.2- Daniel Bryan Vs. Dolph Ziggler. Both these men are probably the most consistent performers in the company and both are also the fan favourites by far in comparison to any other superstar in the company. These men are both masters at every element needed to put on a phenomenal match. So hows better to capitalise on such over stars than catapulting them both up the food chain by making them square off against one another in a out of this world feud? 

No.3- The Ascension Vs. The Uso’s. The Uso’s have carried the failing tag team division for the last 2 years and deserve a load of credibility and praise for doing so, whilst The Ascension dominated the NXT tag team division for a good year putting on awesome matches. Currently The Ascension are at the bottom of the pecking order on the main roster but all could easily change if both teams are thrown together and given match time and some mic time. This feud could be spectacular and could regenerate the entire division and give all involved more star power. 

No.4- Sheamus Vs. Bad News Barrett. These two have crossed paths many times during there career journeys but never have they had a full on rivalry. The moves in both these mens arsenals are very physical and hard hitting and as seen between matches with these two before, the contest would be physical and entertaining and could easily become a classic feud if given a enough time and a meaningful story. 

No.5- Brock Lesnar Vs. Randy Orton. Since returning to the company 3 years ago Brock has faced off against all the top stars from his previous days with the exception of Randy Orton. This scenario looks good on paper and would look even better in reality and could easily headline multiple PPV’s and entice hardcore fans and even just the everyday casual ones. This is because of the significance and importance both the mens names have in the industry and the star quality and power the matches would have. 

No.6- Luke Harper Vs. Erick Rowan. Since departing from the Wyatt family both these men have gotten lost in the mix and what better way to develop both these men as single stars than to have them rival each other? The psychology both these men bring and the in ring moves both of them perform would work really well together in a feud. This could easily be a chance to elevate both men to higher positions up the ladder and could also help make their characters more intriguing. 

No.7- Stardust Vs. Goldust. WWE needs to capitalise on this awesome brother Vs. brother feud before its to late. As rumour and speculation suggest, Goldust is looking to retire soon so what better way to get Stardust over than to destroy his older brother on his way out? This would draw an immense amount of heat and could create such an evil character who would generate such hatred from fans. Lets not forget the in ring work would be awesome and on point from both of these tremendous athletes.

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