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News10 WWE Superstars On The Chopping Block

10 WWE Superstars On The Chopping Block



Adam Rose

The 36-year old South African is least likely to survive The Social Outcasts. Heath Slater has proven his worth as a jobber, Curtis Axel is third generation, and Bo Dallas has family ties and age on his side .. so if anyone’s on the chopping block, it’s the former Exotic Express leader.

WWE tried giving him a new gimmick as the “Party Pooper” .. but neither that, or “The Rosebush” went over too well. Rose is destined to fail, and sadly it’s because creative and commentary have made him out to be a dork who can’t be taken seriously.

*This was wrote before I read the news of his suspension*

Alicia Fox

With WWE firmly getting behind the “Women’s Division”, those who fit the term “Diva” are going to find it increasingly difficult to be taken seriously. Total Divas is meant to be coming back for another season, but Fox is not scheduled to appear. If she doesn’t end up in NXT, I can’t see her being useful on the main roster. She’s young, and a former Divas Champion, but does she have what it takes to be a “wrestler” in the rejuvenated Women’s Division? I doubt it.

Darren Young

Young has no character. It’s obvious why he doesn’t get used as a singles wrestler like his Prime Time Player teammate Titus O’Neil. Fans don’t care to get behind him, and you can only last on the main roster so long before you’re cut. Since he started working full-time in 2010, he’s managed one forgettable tag team reign with Titus, and is a former Nexus member.

Aside from that .. nothing makes him stand out, except that he opened up about his sexuality while still working for the company. Surely that’s not enough reason to keep him around?

El Torito

With Los Matadores done and dusted, the Little Bull is nowhere to be seen. He’s been used as a joke on several occasions, so I wouldn’t be surprised if WWE lets him go so he can return to Mexico.


The first eliminated from Steve Austin’s Tough Enough (remember when she said Melina vs. Alicia Fox was her favourite match?) and she’s still around. WWE has done the right thing by sending her down to NXT for training, but does she have the passion and ability to be more than what we saw on the main roster? It remains to be seen. I’m sure there are women in NXT with less experience who can surpass her in every way.

Tamina Snuka

The 38-year old daughter of Jimmy Snuka makes a decent bodyguard, but she’s never held a title in her career, and she’s likely to retire that way. Unless she leaves WWE and happens to get a break in TNA or an indy promotion, she’s going to end her career in the shadow of her Father. It’s likely she only has a job to keep the Snuka name around, which is sad considering she’s not a terrible wrestler when given the chance. She should be the monster of the Women’s Division, but she’s never come close to being labelled as such.

Mojo Rawley

Stay Hyped! Or just go away? With Zack Ryder finding his way back to the main roster, Mojo Rawley is going to have a hard time making it on NXT cards. Just like Bull Dempsey, I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s let go to make room for Aries, Roode, Nakamura, Itami and others.

Rosa Mendes

She’s never been much of a wrestler. She was on the latest season of Total Divas, and has managed wrestlers like Fandango and the team of Epico and Primo, but we can admit she’s just another disposable “Diva”. Expect to see her giving thoughts on pre-shows, or as a manager of a jobber at the most. She’s on maternity leave, so WWE won’t get rid of her during that time, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s gone by 2017.


He hasn’t been seen in over a year, and that’s not only because of shoulder decompression surgery, but because he violated the company’s Wellness Policy in September. He’s not seriously missed by fans, so either he will return for another comedy skit .. or he will be let go. And will he be missed?

Zeb Colter

It’s a damn shame, because Dutch Mantel is really creative and will play any part, but we haven’t seen him since his latest run with Del Rio fizzled out. He’s one of those guys I wouldn’t mind if he took a step back and joined the creative team as he has a great wrestling mind. He is credited for creating the TNA Knockouts Division long before WWE considered taking their women seriously .. so give him the same role in WWE? Have him book the Women’s Divison?

If that’s not going to happen .. and if WWE can’t find someone he can manage which gets the talent over naturally .. then what’s left for him? A Hall of Fame induction? Or is he going to be on the chopping block? I’m hoping they find something for him, but we know WWE has a history of letting talent fall through the cracks, and Zeb Colter could be another on the long list.

The reason why I made the list was because WWE has signed many, many talents over the past six months, and when a company takes on new talent .. the old talent who’re lost in the mix may end up suffering and losing their jobs altogether. I considered Primo & Epico, but WWE started showing them again so it seems they have something lined up. Other talents in trouble include Fandango and Damien Sandow, who we know are rarely seen as jobbers, but I’m assuming their talent ensures their safety. Thanks for reading everyone.

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