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News30 Singles Wrestlers/Teams WWE Could Sign In The Future.

30 Singles Wrestlers/Teams WWE Could Sign In The Future.



Abyss (TNA)

At the age of 42, Chris Parks continues to portray “The Monster” Abyss and is a current TNA World Tag Team Champion with Decay. He is the last TNA original to never wrestle for WWE in some capacity. Throughout his career he’s often been compared to Kane and Mick Foley (Mankind) in the way he wrestles and acts. He once stated his biggest inspirations were The Undertaker and Kane. He’s one of the best monsters I’ve seen in wrestling, and he’s done it all besides enter a WWE ring.

Had he shown up in the Attitude Era, he would have fit like an oven glove into ECW or the WWF Hardcore Division. One of his biggest selling points is his hardcore massacres, he’s never been afraid to get close to the barbed wire and thumbtacks. The loss of his front teeth make him look even more demonic behind the mask.

But Chris Parks isn’t limited to being a monster, he proved he can play any role when he portrayed the well-received “Joseph Parks” character. A lawyer who was new to the wrestling business, and the brother of Chris Parks, Joseph Parks came to TNA to look for ‘his brother’ who had gone missing. After learning how to wrestle, Joseph Parks started wrestling, and sometimes “transformed” into his brother, before snapping out of it and reverting back to Joseph.

The angle played out for a long time and was some of his best work, being able to show he could do a Mick Foley and bring something fresh and different. In the end, Joseph Parks found that he was in fact Chris Parks, and he wrestled with the reveal before finally succumbing to the monster within. He’s too old to come into WWE and win a major title, but he would certainly be an asset to NXT, or as a trainer to those in development. When Abyss decides to hang up the boots, WWE would be foolish not to sign him in some capacity. As the most loyal TNA wrestler ever, this remains unlikely, but not impossible.

2 Suplex.

Adam Cole (ROH)

“Adam Cole Bay Bay!” – The newest member of the Bullet Club is destined for greatness. As a former ROH World and Television Champion, he’s done everything he can for the promotion and is hungry for further success. With the Club he could migrate to New Japan and challenge for titles overseas, but what’s more likely is WWE will realize this young mans potential and get him signed up to NXT. While he may be small, his bark is as strong as his bite, and he can certainly use a microphone with the best of them.

He would make a great addition to the “New Era” in WWE. At the age of 27, Adam Cole has plenty of years to establish his legacy, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he followed in the footsteps of the man who inspired him to wrestle, WWE Hall Of Famer Shawn Michaels.

5 Suplex!

Allie / Cherry Bomb (TNA)

Real name Laura Dennis, she currently portrays Maria Kanellis’ apprentice each week on Impact Wrestling. Before signing with TNA she was regarded as one of the most popular women’s wrestlers on the independent scene and was frequently linked to WWE and other promotions. In TNA, she portrays a character who is “green” and doesn’t know how to wrestle, but she certainly knows how to seen as she’s a multi-time Women’s Champion in the indies.

As Allie she gets decent heel heat with her squeaky chipmunk voice which is somewhat reminiscent of Vickie Guerrero, but time will tell if TNA lets her show her wrestling skills. It seems they want to sell her character to the audience before they make that next step. Seen as she hasn’t been in TNA long, I can’t see her in WWE soon, but she’s only 28 so there’s time to make the next step.

3 Suplex.

Briscoe Brothers (ROH)

Jay & Mark Briscoe are arguably the most accomplished tag team in the Independent scene from the 2000’s to the present day. They are former 8-time ROH Tag Team Champions, easily the most dominant in ROH history. The twins are in their early thirties, which is a great time to join WWE, but recent attempts at signing the team fell through. It’s hard to know whether they would be taken seriously in WWE, so I can understand their reluctance to sign a contract before getting some singles success.

Jay is the more accomplished of the two, as he’s a two-time ROH World Champion. He seems to be more marketable compared to his brother, so I wouldn’t be surprised if WWE decided to sign Jay and leave Mark. But we all know the brothers won’t want to be separated, as they are a package deal and WWE would have to deal with that. The Briscoe Brothers would be a welcome addition to NXT, Raw or Smackdown and bring serious competition to any tag team scene they end up in.

3 Suplex.

Cody Hall (New Japan)

Currently on the injured list, the son of Scott Hall is 25-years-old and a force to be reckoned with in New Japan. As a bodyguard of the Bullet Club, he learns from some of the best the promotion has to offer, so it’s only a matter of time til we see Razor Ramon Junior show up in a WWE ring. Got a problem with that chico?

4 Suplex.

Dalton Castle (ROH)

As a boy, Castle was inspired by wrestlers such as “Macho Man” Randy Savage, Curt Hennig, Davey Boy Smith, and Frank Gotch. His gimmick is one of a flamboyant showman, which draws comparisons to Gorgeous George, Adrian Street and Ric Flair. He also cites rock stars David Bowie and Freddie Mercury as inspiration.

He’s often accompanied by “his boys”, two shirtless men wearing masks who serve as human furniture and occasionally fan him down. His entrance ring attire features a suit which opens up into a peacock-like display, which adds to the colourful nature of his character. This display changes to feature more elaborate and pleasing designs depending on the venue. Castle also pushes merchandise such as masks, posters, books, peacock shirts, fan up shirts, and best in the world shirts.

When I see Dalton Castle, I see a superstar. I think to myself … why is he in the indies when WWE could be showcasing him? He’s very natural on the mic and in the ring, so all he needs is a little fine polish and he would make a welcome addition to any roster as a main event talent. At 30-years-old, he still needs to prove his worth by winning some titles, which could be the only thing holding him back at this point. Can he win gold?

4 Suplex.

Donovan Dijak (ROH)

6’7″, 266 Ib, I would be highly surprised if he isn’t on WWE’s radar screen. Having made his wrestling debut in 2014, Dijak has made serious waves in ROH and continues to do so under Prince Nana’s tutelage. A major title eludes him, but it’s only a matter of time. He would be perfect in NXT, so I have to give him full marks.

5 Suplex!

Ethan Carter III (TNA)

The artist formerly known as Derrick Bateman of NXT fame. He was in WWE development for a long time, having worked in OVW (07-08), FCW (09-12) and NXT (10-13) before being released from his contract. He soon turned up in TNA as Dixie Carter’s kayfabe nephew, Ethan Carter III. As the entitled nephew of the boss, EC3 started a winning streak which lasted well over a year, which included a run with the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Eventually he turned babyface as the fans began started cheering and singing along to his entrance theme.

He’s often cited as a talent WWE misused. In WWE he was a jobber and nothing more, but when given the chance to portray a stronger character in TNA he showed the fans what he could do. He got over through hard work and dedication to the business, allowing his broken dreams of making it in WWE fuel his desire to succeed outside the machine. I wouldn’t rule out a Derrick Bateman return, but it seems unlikely WWE would sign him as EC3 (due to the Carter name) and would need to repackage him … which would be like repackaging Samoa Joe or Bobby Roode. Not impossible, but unlikely.

2 Suplex.

Eli Drake (TNA)

E—–Li—–Drake! – I can’t praise this guy much more, he’s exceptionally entertaining. His voice reminds me of old school wrestling when wrestlers had a distinct sound and swagger to their promos. But he’s not perfect, he still needs to work on his execution, and his wrestling ability could certainly improve. He reminds me of Rocky Maivia before he became The Rock, he has the tools to be a star, but he needs to harness his ability and deliver in a more concise way. Dummy Yeah! He previously worked in WWE as a jobber in the years 2006, 2008, 2013 and 2014.

4 Suplex.

Goldberg (Semi-Retired)

Ah yes, the man who everyone hates for ending Bret Hart’s career, but still wouldn’t mind if he showed up at Summerslam to spear Brock Lesnar. Over the years we’ve heard stories about Bill and his massive ego, so wrestling fans have grown to resent any mention of the former WCW franchise player. There’s also resentment for the way he left WWE in the disastrous singles match with Lesnar at Wrestlemania XX. His comments about WWE and how he hated working for the promotion have not been forgotten.

At 49-years-old, Bill realizes his time is limited, so if he’s going to have one last match to end his career on a high note it needs to be soon. Despite the friction with WWE, he approached the creators of the new WWE video game and managed to land a deal to feature his character without WWE’s consent. Clearly this didn’t go down well with management, as they were forced to advertise and promote him as part of the game. Despite all the negative comments from Bill’s side, he has changed his tune and is hoping for a phone call so he can wrestle at least one more time.

WWE is trying to make a new era, so to bring Goldberg back doesn’t set a good example. On the other hand, if it’s to bring him back to make up for the WMXX encounter by booking a Lesnar rematch, then I could accept it and would look forward to seeing what it should have been all those years ago. I feel like Bill doesn’t look back on their WMXX match fondly, and would like to make up for it before he retires for good. Vince is a business man, Goldberg is money, so I would be highly surprised if they didn’t work something out before Wrestlemania.

5 Suplex!

Hiroshi Tanahashi (New Japan)

Air Guitar! The “Hulk Hogan of Japan” isn’t afraid to work in America as he works on ROH programming as part of the NJPW/ROH partnership. But unlike Shinsuke Nakamura, Tanahashi is getting close to his forties and his best years are behind him. He’s also more in tune with Japanese audiences, so while it would be sweet to see him in a WWE ring, he would be a complete unknown and casual fans won’t get his appeal.

1 Suplex.

James Storm (TNA)

Ok so let’s get this straight. Storm is only worth a damn if he’s in WWE, and absolutely nothing if he’s in TNA? That’s the impression I get sometimes. Instead of working in NXT for less money, he realized his worth and went back to the company he helped build and got a better contract. But while Storm is in a “contract dispute” (which feels like a work), WWE fans salivate at the slim chance of him coming back to NXT to join TNA alumni Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, Eric Young, and former tag team partner Bobby Roode.

I’m not seeing it. he recently signed a contract and is obligated to see it through. To not see it through would be unprofessional and I can’t see him doing that to go back to NXT. And he’s nearly 40, so it’s not like he’s going to work up through NXT and be a main eventer on Raw/Smackdown even if he signed up tomorrow. He would be a glorified enhancement talent and nothing more, and part of me doesn’t want that. I want to see him helping TNA (like Abyss) by making new stars so we have an alternative in the future.

2 Suplex.

Jay Lethal (ROH)

This one hurts, because he’s incredibly talented and should’ve been in WWE years ago. He’s got to be one of the best workers not to work in WWE in some capacity. At 31-years-old … now would be the perfect time to sign him up. But does WWE consider him a star? I wouldn’t be surprised if WWE management was unaware of his dominance as ROH World Champion. Just like Daniel Bryan, CM Punk, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, and so many former ROH talent, Lethal has what it takes to be a top guy in any promotion he works for. Let’s hope his potential is recognized before it’s too late.

4 Suplex.

Kazuchika Okada (New Japan)

RAINMAKER! – Everything about Okada screams money. He’s a draw, in fact he’s easily New Japan’s biggest draw aside from the Bullet Club. His matches with Tanahashi are nothing short of legendary; five-star matches which will be remembered in the annals of time.

He was surprised with Nakamura’s decision to join WWE, but respected it. With Tanahashi getting on, and Nakamura leaving, Okada’s left with the responsibility of carrying New Japan on his shoulders. That’s some weight to carry considering its history, and at 28-years-old he’s going to be around a long time.

Will he ever end up in WWE? Hideo Itami and Shinsuke Nakamura opened doors which were previously locked and bolted shut. So while it’s more possible than ever, Okada has a promotion who needs him to make major money. He’s not against working in America, as he’s worked some ROH shows in recent times. Still, not bad for a guy who was tortured by Samoa Joe on TNA Impact.

3 Suplex.

Kenny Omega (New Japan)

‘The Cleaner’ is a star in his own right. He was a victim of mistreatment in Deep South Wrestling by WWE trainers Bill DeMott, Jody Hamilton and Bob Holly. He has been offered WWE contracts before, once in 2014, and three times in 2015, but he turned them down due to the controversial training methods of DSW.

As a ten-year veteran, he has won many titles around the world including several New Japan titles. He became a member of the Bullet Club in 2014, and the fourth leader of the group in 2016 after AJ Styles signed with WWE. His current goal is to overcome Okada and win the IWGP Heavyweight Championship. His value is noticeable, but his reluctance to sign a contract tells us he’s unlikely to join WWE unless the offer is too good to refuse.

1 Suplex.

Kurt Angle (Semi-Retired)

“You Suck! You Suck!” – Imagine the pop if he returned. It’s been ten years since we heard the entrance music of the Olympic Gold Medallist, and since then he could be seen wrestling talents like Sting, Jeff Jarrett, AJ Styles and Samoa Joe on TNA programming. For years, WWE fans asked the question “when is Angle returning?”, and they never got a clear answer. At no point did Angle rule out a return, but he did go on record to say he preferred the lighter schedule due to his health and other commitments. Angle frequently thanked Dixie Carter for supporting him, giving the freedom to spend time with his family, and to work on other projects.

While Angle is technically a free agent, he’s in a state of semi-retirement. He wrestles on his own terms, as most days are spent with his wife & daughters. Quality time with the family has turned him into a new man. He hasn’t ruled out one last run in WWE, and honestly I think it’s a matter of time til he does. He’s expressed wanting to work with American Alpha in some capacity, and whether he’s brought in as a wrestler, or manager, Angle would be welcomed back with open arms. A Hall of Fame induction is calling.

4 Suplex.

KUSHIDA (New Japan)

Would be a solid addition to the cruiserweight scene in WWE. He’s consistently delivered exciting matches in New Japan, ROH, and Mexico, but it’s hard to see interest seen as they have Nakamura, Itami and Asuka already. Does the current IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion have a chance?

3 Suplex.

Kyle O’Reilly (ROH)

Perhaps it’s me, but I’m not getting O’Reilly’s appeal. He’s a decent worker, certainly put on some great matches, but there’s little else to him. I think he’s got work to do before WWE comes knocking. Although I could be wrong , he’s young so he would certainly suit NXT.

2 Suplex.

Lashley (TNA)

The current TNA World Heavyweight Champion is a puzzle to me. Firstly, why did Vince let him go? He had it all aside from confidence on the mic. Over the years he’s honed his skills, and his promo work has clearly improved. He’s not a wizard or anything, but it’s still acceptable. It puzzles me why WWE dropped Lashley and hasn’t approached him since.

3 Suplex.

Lio Rush (ROH)

Such an exciting prospect! At 21-years-old he’s already made a name for himself by winning this years ROH Top Prospect Tournament. His high-flying abilities remind me of Neville (before WWE) and Rey Mysterio. Watch out for this kid, he may go far.

4 Suplex.

Michael Elgin (ROH)

Another puzzler. Michael Elgin is not only a solid worker, he’s a big, agile man with all the potential in the world. He can play face or heel, cut a decent interview, and is the current IWGP Intercontinental Champion and former ROH World Champion. And he’s not even 30 yet! He’s a seriously overlooked talent.

5 Suplex!

Mike Bennett (TNA)

“The Miracle” is scratching and clawing his way up the ladder in TNA. With heavy back up in Moose, he could be a threat to the title picture in the near future. But where you see Bennett, his wife Maria Kanellis isn’t too far behind, so if he was to sign a deal it’s safe to assume they would be a package deal. However, seen as they have much to accomlish in TNA, It seems unlikely for the time being.

3 Suplex.

Moose (TNA)

Quinn Ojinnaka is a former football star who’s come a long way in a short time. He started wrestling in 2012, and only two years later signed with Ring Of Honor. He fought many of the promotions best, but never won any championships. His biggest match was a losing effort to Kazuchika Okada in a cross-promotional bout.

In 2016 he signed with TNA Wrestling, as the bodyguard of Mike Bennett. Time will tell what he can achieve, he seems to be a quick study so it’s only a matter of time til he picks up some gold. Wouldn’t be surprised if WWE snaps him up.

4 Suplex.

Ricochet (Dragon Gate/New Japan)

Seriously, look this guy up and see how many titles he’s won. At 27-years-old, Ricochet has a bright future. To make it even better, The Rock endorsed his work in a tweet, promising to watch Lucha Underground. He’s done a lot, so it’s only a matter of time.

5 Suplex!

Rosemary (TNA)

The creepy valet of the stable known as Decay has gone down well with wrestling fans. I assume her character would be a little too much for WWE programming, but with some tweaks she could easily be the “Sister Abigail” we always wanted.

4 Suplex.

Tetsuya Naito (New Japan)

Naito is an enigma. He’s so different, it’s hard to describe what his character is. The best way I found to describe him is a living breathing online troll. In a land where the culture demands respect and valor, Naito has none of that. He’s everything the Japanese fans hate, and that’s why he makes an effective heel.

He is lazy, has no morals, and doesn’t seem to care for anything. He doesn’t want to impress anyone, while everyone else is working hard to make a name for themselves. He gets by doing the bare minimum, and for some reason I like it. Would we ever see him in WWE? Unlikely, but it doesn’t hurt to think of the possibilities.

1 Suplex.

The Hardys (TNA)

DELETE! OBSOLETE! – Have you seen what Matt and Jeff are doing lately? It’s mind-blowing. Somehow Matt’s “Broken” gimmick is getting over, and now Jeff has joined in with his own broken gimmick. It’s a side of The Hardys we never knew existed, and I predict another tag team title run in their futures. Except this time it’s Matt who leads the way, while Jeff stumbles behind like an obsolete mule.

With WWE’s Wellness Policy, it seems unlikely they will take the risk with these guys, but stranger things have happened. WWE doesn’t mind dropping their names in from time-to-time, so it’s not like they are blacklisted. Just like The Dudleys, one last run with The Hardys is a possibility if WWE takes the plunge and pulls them away from a company which has treated them well for years.

3 Suplex.

Veda Scott (ROH)

I think she has what it takes. Might be better off in a valet/manager role, but it’s not like she can’t work a match. Not too bad on commentary either. She would fit in really well in the NXT Women’s Division, and with something to aim for (no womens title in ROH) she may improve significantly.

4 Suplex.

Velvet Sky (Free Agent)

C’mon Velvet, what are you doing these days? Over the last couple of years she’s come and gone more times than Big Show’s turned. She’s in TNA, then she’s not in TNA, then she’s back in TNA, then she’s gone again. It’s an endless cycle.

In the past Velvet’s been vocal over pay and how women earn far less than their male counterparts despite working as much and having decent airtime and merchandise sales. At the age of 35, it seems unlikely WWE or TNA will invest as she’s unlikely to improve in the ring. Perhaps some sporadic appearances, but that’s likely all we’re going to see.

2 Suplex.

The Young Bucks (New Japan, ROH)

Super Kick Party! – This team holds themselves back for various reasons. Yes, they may have won more tag titles than they know what to do with, but if anything it seems to feed their ego and enforce the belief that what they’re doing is going to help them grow past the indies.

I enjoyed watching them in TNA, because they had credible competition with the Motor City Machine Guns and put on some great matches, and I also remember Matt having an excellent X-Division title match with Kazarian. But since then, whenever I get the time to see a Young Bucks match, it’s always the same.

It’s too much … no one’s selling a thing, and it looks like a circus act. It may “wow” some fans who ain’t used to seeing it, but after you’ve seen it twenty times, the crazy back-to-back spots feel unnecessary and tiresome. What I would give to watch Nick Jackson have a slow, methodical singles match which didn’t rely on 70 super kicks and a dozen flips, just to see if he could handle a match which tells a story.

Don’t get me wrong, the chemistry is magical, it’s like they wanted to be The Hardys and turned it up to another level. Not only that, they are extremely athletic and know how to use it to their advantage. But we know the two biggest things WWE looks for is 1) the right attitude, and 2) the right look, and I think they have neither of those right.

I’ve heard nothing positive about these guys as individuals, which is what you don’t need unless you purposely want to burn bridges. I’m not sure anymore, it’s sucky to feel this way because I had high hopes a few years ago. I’m looking for some evolution of their characters, and a scaling back of the over-the-top theatrics, and only then will we see the best incarnation of The Young Bucks.

2 Suplex.

Thanks for reading everyone! See you again soon.

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