A Video Of The Rock At The ‘Hercules’ Premiere In Berlin + WrestleMania 31 On The WWE Network News


— As noted earlier, there are rumors floating around the internet that
WrestleMania 31 wouldn’t be carried on the WWE Network. Concern spread about the
news after JBL was plugging all the different PPVs you will be able to get on
the network, naming all this year’s shows and the Royal Rumble.

Although this may not surprise many, worry not. The reason that JBL stopped
at the Rumble was that this is where the current six-month subscriptions end,
for those who just renewed. WrestleMania 31 will in fact be included on the
Network next year. (Hey, maybe someone here was confused…you never know.

— Over 10,000 fans attended the premiere of The Rock’s Hercules in Berlin
earlier this week. The Rock is on his way to China to do media for the movie.
Here is a video from Berlin:

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