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Action Andretti Comments On His Training, The Pandemic, & More



Action Andretti was a recent guest on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, where the young star discussed a variety of topics with Tony Schiavone and Aubrey Edwards, including his training at Maryland Championship Wrestling, how the pandemic affected it, and the independent wrestling scene.

Tony Schiavone
Tony Schiavone

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On what he did to keep growing during the shutdown: “Training gets shut down, no more shows. I was just getting a little bit of momentum for myself and like I said, it just stopped right there. All I could really do was continue to watch tape, train here in my room, just shadow wrestling. Just tell myself, one day we will be back. This is just a pause right now. So many people just up and quit during the pandemic. It got so to their head that they just quit, and with wrestling, we all get that feeling at some points, pandemic or not, where we like second-guess ourselves. Why am I not doing this, or why am I not… you just always have to tell yourself you keep working, you keep doing what you’re doing, hard work will pay off. I just tried to stay positive through the whole pandemic cause it really did suck having to like sit at home and not do any wrestling.”

On how the shutdown taught him to not take anything in wrestling for granted: “Once we came back, came back stronger than ever, got in there, had my first match since the pandemic. Just was on a roll after that. That’s when I realized as well, I’m not just working MCW, I’m working everywhere I can. I’m hopping on the road, putting miles on the car. It also helped me not take anything for granted within wrestling. Having all the fans come back, not seeing people at all. I was genuinely the happiest I’ve ever been to see fans, and just talk to them, and take pictures to them, and just interact with them. I was genuinely super happy to have all the interaction when we came back.”

On how the indie scene bounced back when things opened back up: “I think it came back like it never left. Just right back. We got the go to go, we’re going. Shows every weekend again. Just right back to it, and I loved that. I loved that because that’s exactly how I wanted it. I didn’t want to just do one show, and then have to wait a little bit longer to do the next. It was back to back. Same thing with training. It did suck having to train with a face mask on, that was the worst. Oh my god, that was bad. Sweaty masks are not a good thing. But I really do feel like everything just kicked right back into force, and everybody just started coming in hot. Like I said, came in like we never left. It was a good feeling to be just right back on the grind.”

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