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AEW Wrestler Won’t Need Surgery, Mercedes Mone On Tribalism In Wrestling



Anthony Henry won’t need surgery after suffering a broken jaw over the weekend.

As we previously reported here on eWn, Henry suffered the injury during a match with Bryan Keith at DPW Live 5.

Taking to Twitter, Henry wrote,

“Update: no surgery is needed, but I still have to have a procedure to reset my jaw with rubber brackets.

Recovery time: 8 weeks.

See everyone then!”

We send our best wishes to Henry for a quick and full recovery.

Mercedes Mone is happy to see that fans and talent have lots of places to watch and work these days.

In a recent interview with Evan T. Mack, the former Sasha Banks commented on the popularity of wrestling these days, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On wrestling talent having options of where to work: “They should never think there is one place to go. They should never think that. I knew that from the beginning because wrestling is everywhere and wrestling is for everybody. I don’t think you should just like one company. You should open your eyes to so many things because your favorite wrestlers come from all different companies. They travel around the world to gain their craft so much more so they can make it to a top company. They wouldn’t be there without all these different places and promotions. They need that experience and growth so they can be the best.”

On wrestling fans who take their fandom too far: “When people go, ‘I only want to watch…’ First of all, we’re living too much on our phone and internet. Can we just go outside a little bit and then go back into your room, watch wrestling, change the channel, go to YouTube, watch your favorite show. Everybody is watching everybody. They watch it just to critique it. They hate to love it. Just love it. Have fun. It’s television. It’s entertainers putting their body on the line to entertain you, and you’re the one getting angry? ‘They should be in this company.’ You’re telling us what company we need to be in? What? You’re telling us what jobs we need to take?”

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