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Dustin Rhodes Didn’t Think Cody Rhodes Would Leave AEW



Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Dustin Rhodes discussed his brother, Cody, leaving AEW in 2022 for a return to WWE. Dustin noted that he didn’t think Cody would leave AEW. He said,

“I didn’t actually [think he would leave]. But I know some stuff that went on. And you know, I think it was just his time, he made a smart decision. He made a very smart decision. Look at him now, he is the man here. So it’s incredible. Incredible ride, an incredible journey from him leaving the first time in WWE and saying he’s betting on himself and just taking the ball and f*cking running with it. And he created something really cool. That’s awesome.”

Rhodes also talked about the differences between Cody’s first and second WWE runs. He stated,

“More wisdom, more business sense. He’s gotten very smart for his age in a short period of time. And he studies. He’s a studier of the business, a studier of politics, a studier of all kinds of things. I mean, he studies his vocabulary he uses such big words and that’s just not me. I’m like, what does that mean? I’ll look it up [and I think] Oh, that’s a good word. But I won’t ever f*cking remember it. That’s what kind of sets us different, he wears suits all the time. I can’t, it’s just it’s too hot. You know what I mean? And just comfort for me. But he’s everything, when you look at a true superstar or megastar, he is fitting that bill right now. And he is doing an amazing job of carrying the company along with the great talent that are there. But right now he can do no wrong, they’re pushing him to the moon and it doesn’t happen that much to people. So it’s really good to see that a Rhodes is really getting their said due in the business with WWE.”

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