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Eddie Kingston Reacts To AEW Talent Cuts, Skye Blue On Pursuing Wrestling, Averno/MLW


Major League Wrestling has announced that CMLL wrestler Averno will appear at MLW ‘Azteca Lucha’ in Chicago, IL on May 11.

In a recent appearance on the “Kicking Out” podcast, Skye Blue revealed what inspired her to become a pro wrestler. She said,

So my parents have been wrestling fans their whole lives, so I kind of grew up with it on in the house and I remember watching, I’m pretty sure it was a hardcore match one day, and I was like, ‘hey mom, I’m gonna do that.’ And she was like, ‘no you’re not’, and i was like, ‘okay, watch me’ and here we are. So I kind of just wanted to prove her wrong, and I fell in love with wrestling. So I’ve been wrestling since 2017. I debuted, and, yeah, so here we are.”

As we previously reported here on eWn, AEW released ten wrestlers on Monday including Parker Boudreaux, Anthony Henry, Stu Grayson, Dasha Kuret, and The Boys.

In a recent appearance on the “Unlikely” podcast, ROH World Champion Eddie Kingston reacted to the talent cuts. He said,

You know what I’m more concerned about, I’m not going to front, are the people that lost their jobs. Honestly, that’s what I’m more worried about. I’m more worried about Dasha and Anthony Henry and Stu Grayson. Sorry if I didn’t mention your name, no disrespect, but I’m more worried about them. My heart goes out to them. I know how it feels to lose a job. A job. Wrestling or not, it’s still a job. That’s how you feed yourself and your family. My heart goes out to them. That’s what I’m more concerned about than what Phil said. The people that got let go did work for us and now they have to find another way to make ends meet. That’s what concerns me more. Whether I knew them, because some I knew very well, some I didn’t. Still, my heart goes out to them. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, it’s the business. People get hired and fired daily. It’s part of it. Still, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t leave me heartbroken that some of the people like Dasha, that I won’t see every week, who I love seeing every week, who put a smile on my face every week I saw her. That’s what I’m more concerned about. I care about that more.”