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Eric Bischoff – ‘Tony Khan Doesn’t Have A F**king Clue About Creative!’



On a recent edition of his “Wise Choices” podcast, Eric Bischoff once again took the opportunity to throw shade at AEW President Tony Khan and his booking creations.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On what Tony Khan wants out of AEW: “Tony, I think more than he wants financial success — because let’s face it, he doesn’t need it. Truth be known, he doesn’t need financial success with AEW. What he really wants is to be recognized as the next Paul Heyman, or the next Vince McMahon. Maybe not today, but what Vince McMahon achieved. Maybe to a small degree, he even wants to be what Eric Bischoff was back in the ’90s, and create a new way of presenting the wrestling product, and actually have a real positive impact on the industry overall. You can see in some of his commentary and some of the things that he says that’s really what he wants.

“And Tony, I think in his mind, doesn’t feel like he can achieve that if somebody who’s really good at creative comes in and has success. It will be that person’s success, it won’t be Tony’s success. And I know that sounds ridiculous to those of us who really wouldn’t care who gets the success or who gets the credit, but that’s what Tony really wants. He wants the validation of being a Paul Heyman or Vince McMahon or yes, even an Eric Bischoff. In the sense that we achieved something within the industry that was special in its time. I think that’s the only reason that makes sense, because it’s not a financial thing. He wants to be that guy. The truth is, he doesn’t have the talent nor the experience.”

On Khan’s lack of creative knowledge: “I think Tony’s — based on what I’ve read about him and heard from others who have worked closely with him — is brilliant when it comes to data analytics and analysis. But when it comes to creative, he doesn’t have a f**king clue. You could beat him about to head with a good idea and he wouldn’t know it. Therein lies your problem.”

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