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Jeff Jarrett Wonders Why Randy Savage Never Returned To WWE



On a recent edition of his “My World” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Jeff Jarrett discussed Randy Savage’s career and explained the reasons behind his decision not to return to WWE.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On being inspired by Randy Savage: “I think in a lot of ways Randy — I aspired that, ‘Man if he came from this area and could get up there on top, I at least got a shot at it.’ I’ve always thought Randy was, like I said, they broke the mold. He’s such a unique talent, his in-ring style was different, promos style, he made everything his own. I mean, even his psychology was a little bit different. That, to me, masterpiece he put together with the Ultimate Warrior. And look, everyone knew that Warrior, as you know, he was a gimmick wrestler. And drew a boatload of money, but for Randy to have the kind of match he had with him? I respected Randy’s ability to work with anybody, like I do with [Jerry] Lawler. But their skill set is, in a lot of ways, just a license to print money because they can work with anybody and draw money. And I respected that so much. And seeing Randy on the stage of WrestleMania, year after year after year after year, it’s just kind of — in my mind, and in my fandom, and in my business mind, it put Randy on a pedestal to me.”

On why he never returned to WWE: “You talk about a story behind the story behind the story, I have no idea. Because when you look at the Golden Era — just, when you kind of look at where things, how you can monetize different things, the Macho Man and the glasses and the merch, and the psychedelic and the tie-dye, and all the different things in the way Randy could have been monetized. There’s obviously much more to the story than meets the eye.

“I am not qualified to answer that at all, because I truly don’t know. But when I think of all the opportunities that have not been seized upon since 2001, or whatever it may be, Connie we don’t know. I mean, we obviously don’t know. Think about the money that a publicly traded company could have been making. I mean, when you think about the Hogan merch, and the Warrior, and just all the different merch items through the years. We’re talking millions, and the door was never opened. Was that a Randy deal, or WWE deal, or both? I’m asking, do you know? Because I don’t have a clue, but I’ve wondered that many times.”

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