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Jim Ross – ‘I’m Proud Of Michael Cole Being The Voice Of WWE’



Jim Ross may have been known as the voice of WWE for years but he is proud to see how far Michael Cole has come in that high-pressure role.

On a recent edition of his “Grilling JR” podcast, Ross was asked for his thoughts on Cole who replaced JR as RAW’s lead commentator in 2008. He said,

“Good guy, I liked Michael a lot. Still do. I don’t talk to him. Occasionally on the holidays, perhaps, or my birthday. Some special occasion, I will drop him a line, he always responds, he’s always polite. So he’s a good guy. And he’s had a wonderful career there.

“He’s pretty well replaced JR as the voice of WWE, and I took a lot of pride in that title, that unofficial title. But Michael, he’s a class guy, class guy. A little nerdy sometimes. But good guy. I’m glad I got to work with him and I’m glad he’s doing well. I’m proud of him.”

In the past, Cole has expressed his respect for JR and has referred to the WWE Hall of Famer as the “greatest wrestling commentator of all time.”

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