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Jon Moxley – ‘I Do Whatever The F**k I Want, Whenever The F**k I Want!’



Jon Moxley defeated Testuya Naito to capture the IWGP World Championship at Friday night’s ‘Windy City Riot’ event in Chicago, and he cut a promo following his win. He said,

“Thank you to my teammates, to my friends, to my family, even Eddie Kingston, everybody who has been with me on this 20-year fumble f** of an up-and-down journey. I stand at the top of a mountain tonight that nobody’s ever stood atop before. You know what though? I don’t really give a f**k about belts, what three letters or four letters or five letters are on the name of the marquee, or the title, or the T-shirt, or the pay-per-view, or the letters on the belt. I don’t care. I go where I want. I do whatever the f**k I want, whenever the f**k I want. Nobody can stop me.”

He continued, “Next time I come to Japan, I’m bringing this with me. So, arigato gozaimasu, Japan. I’ll see you soon. Before that, I got a message to send to everybody in New Japan Pro Wrestling all around the world. When you see what I do to my next opponent, when you see what I do to Shooter, how far I’m willing to go, what lengths I’m willing to go to, how much I just absolutely show no mercy whatsoever, even to people that I love, you will see things in a whole different light. Ren Narita, young boy graduated to dead man. Chapter 1 begins on May 11 in California at NJPW Resurgence.”

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