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NewsAEWOrange Cassidy Comments On Why He Doesn’t Like The Term “Comedy Wrestler”

Orange Cassidy Comments On Why He Doesn’t Like The Term “Comedy Wrestler”



Orange Cassidy recently sat down for an interview with, where he discussed various topics.

In the middle of the conversation, the AEW sensation talked about the label of a “comedy wrestler” and why he doesn’t like the term. He said,

“I don’t really like the term comedy wrestler because I feel that professional wrestling is an art. This is the art I create and art, to me, should generate emotions out of people. Those emotions could be laughter. They could also be joy, it could also be sadness, it could be regret, it could be depression. If I was just a comedic wrestler, would people really care, would they be invested?”

He continued, “You can watch a movie that’s just laughs for 90 minutes, but there’s always a part that makes you really care. It’s why I’m very grateful for AEW, because I can flex those different muscles, evoke those different emotions that I wouldn’t be able to if I was somewhere else. I’d be a one-note joke, people would get tired of it after six months and I’d be done. You have to be a professional wrestler first and foremost to evoke any type of emotion.”

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