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Paul Wight Thinks Wrestling Wouldn’t Be Where It Is Today Without Sting



Paul Wight spoke about Sting during a recent interview with Sports Illustrated, where he hyped this weekend’s AEW Revolution pay-per-view event, where Sting & Darby Allin vs. The Young Bucks will be taking place.

The Texas Tornado Match will have the babyfaces defend the AEW Tag Team Titles. Wight thinks wrestling wouldn’t be where it is without Sting. He said,

“Sting made towns for WCW and became a household name. If you booked Sting in Tupelo, Mississippi on a Saturday night, Sting would show up and do it. He put in the work and became their franchise guy. He became a legend in Japan, too. He’s now an incredible asset for AEW. Sting is a guy who understood what it is like to work against guys who were really good, but the wrestling world didn’t know them yet. He did that for Crockett Promotions, WCW, TNA, and now again in AEW. Sting’s the guy that always understood what this is about. Whether he was getting his shoulders pinned, or getting his arm raised, he made sure the crowd enjoyed the hell out of a match. He never got involved in the locker room drama. When there were problems, he worked through them. For him, this was never about ego. I wouldn’t be where I am without him, and wrestling wouldn’t be where it is, either.”

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