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NewsAEWReport - Will Ospreay's Promo On Triple H Was His Own Idea

Report – Will Ospreay’s Promo On Triple H Was His Own Idea



Rumors have been spreading about Will Ospreay being unhappy about his WWE references on last night’s episode of AEW Dynamite.

However, Pwinsider is reporting that the promo was Ospreay’s own idea.

Ospreay reacted to comments from Triple H about “the grind” by commenting on his current schedule and how hard he performs. Ospreay claimed that Triple H “is only in the position he’s in because he was grinding on the boss’ daughter.”

The dialogue was something that Ospreay came up with and suggested for his promo. It was not given to him or something he was forced to say.

The idea was to respond to the shots fired by Triple H during WrestleMania 40 week, and it was no different from the Monday Night Wars era when WCW and WWE threw barbs at each other.

Ospreay was fine with his dialogues and worked with the creative team on the promo. He ran the promo by several people, and at one point, a CM Punk reference was considered as Punk made a joke about Ospreay’s All In tattoo.

However, many felt the Punk reference was “overkill” and they opted to exclude it.

The shots from WWE reportedly “puzzled” talent in several companies.

A WWE Superstar stated that Ospreay was incredibly respectful of the Endeavor-owned promotion during negotiations but he eventually signed with AEW for his family’s sake and higher pay.

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