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Ricky Starks On Jade Cargill – ‘She Busts Her Ass’



Ricky Starks has nothing but high praise for Jade Cargill, noting that she “busts her ass” more than anyone wants to give her credit for.

Speaking on a recent edition of the “Gabby AF” podcast, the AEW wrestler commented on his good friend Jade and how she’s killing it these days.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Jade Cargill: “She busts her ass, she busts her ass more than anyone wants to give her credit for. It isn’t up to her to try and disapprove these things that people say about her. And that’s why I tell her. ‘You won’t ever change someone’s opinion about you, and even then, it’s not your job. It’s not your job to change someone’s opinion about you.’ I’m so excited and happy for her, and how things have gone. I will never shy away from supporting my friends publicly, because I think they would do the same for me. And yeah, I think she’s a great person, and she deserves everything she has because she works for it. She’s made a ton of sacrifices.”

On Cargill’s growth as a performer: “She’s so creative. She’s very creative and her mind of how wrestling is, to see it shape and how its starting to unravel is very cool. Cause she gets it. And … in training no less. A thousand percent, [she’s] always giving it a thousand percent.”

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