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Ricky Starks Reveals His Favorite People In The AEW Locker Room + More News



AEW wrestler Ricky Starks spoke with FOX 8 in New Orleans ahead of tonight’s Dynamite TV tapings to promote the show.

During the interview, Starks named his favorite people in the AEW locker room.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On working with the people he grew up watching: “I don’t let myself think about it that way. When I’m in the room with some of these people, or when I’m in the ring with them – I am on the same level as them. I’ve wrestled all over; Brian Danielson, CM Punk, Cody Rhodes, all of these people. I do not place myself lower than them. They are my coworkers. So yes, the younger Ricky was watching them on TV. But now the older Ricky is where he knew he was gonna be all along, and that’s shoulder-to-shoulder with these people. Sometimes I’m like, this is so crazy. This is the most bizarre thing. Life is just weird that way.”

On whether it’s tough being on the road all the time: “Not really. I live in Austin. So I came from Austin to Orlando. Orlando to New Orleans. New Orleans to St. Louis. St. Louis back to Austin. And that’s all gonna be within the span of like four or five days. I do like traveling, don’t get me wrong. And I don’t let myself think about it in a negative way, but then I’ll be turned off on it. But there’s sometimes I’m like, man, I’m just enjoying spending time on my couch right now. I take the good with the bad. But I’ve been traveling for 20 years, so at this point I’m used to it and I’ve figured out a way to train my mind to enjoy where I’m at and some type of routine because if not, being stuck in a hotel all the time I’ll go crazy.”

On whether he thinks about taking time off: “Even when I’m home, I’m still doing stuff. And I think at this point in my career, I don’t want to take too much time away, because I feel like that kills the momentum. I have to be in motion. I don’t want to be stopped. I hate sitting in traffic. I hate stop signs. I hate red lights. I have to be doing something. So that’s a balance that I have to make because my body needs to rest, but my mind and my ambition has to keep going. So I’ll get there. One day, a week off ain’t bad. Two days off ain’t bad. But it’s not like I’m not doing anything. I’m still doing something.”

On his favorite people in the AEW locker room: “Sting is really cool. Sting is really helpful, too. I hang out with Daniel Garcia. Eddie Kingston is really good. Ethan Page is another good one. Those are the guys that I talk to that I try to gravitate towards. Especially because you’re on the road so much and you get bored being at the hotel, you want to go out and do stuff. I don’t surround myself with anyone who doesn’t have a drive or ambition because it just doesn’t serve me. Those guys I look at and I’m ‘oh, wow, they’re putting in the work.” Like I can really see them going the extra mile and I need to step up. Even when I feel like I’m giving 100%.”

On strange pre-match rituals in AEW: “Jungle Boy throws up before every match. He throws up. We have a bucket before we go out. He throws up every single time. Sometimes there’s nothing. I don’t have a ritual because let me tell you how last minute I am. There’s times when I’m stretching right when the music hits or I didn’t do my hair and I put the product in or dump water on my head right when I walk out. But I’m gonna get a good ritual. I know some guys eat candy bars which is not bad – sugar. Some guys do energy drinks. I’m scared to do all that because what if I get heart palpitations?”

In other news, No Holds Barred and Scary Movie actor Kurt Fuller will be appearing at this year’s 80s Wrestling Con, which takes place on May 4 at the Mennen Sports Arena in Morristown, New Jersey.

You can check out the official announcement below:


80s Wrestling Con Fan Festival returns on Saturday, May 4th to the Mennen Sports Arena in Morristown, NJ. Just signed to appear is No Holds Barred actor Kurt Fuller, who played TV-Network boss Brell. This will mark Fuller’s first ever Pro Wrestling Convention appearance. Fuller is sponsored by Hasttel Toy And Collectibles.

80s Wrestling Con will be headlined by a Four Horsemen Reunion. Already signed to appear for the reunion are Arn Anderson, Tully Blanchard, Barry Windham, JJ Dillon, and Baby Doll. We will be selling only (100) Four Horsemen VIP Experience tickets that will include autograph photos of each guest and a group photo op with all the Horsemen.

Others already confirmed to appear include Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Stan “The Lariat” Hansen, Demolition, Powers of Pain, Dan Spivey, Boris Zhukov, Slick, Dr. Tom Prichard, Tito Santana, Tony Garea, Scott McGhee, and Tony Atlas. More names will be announced soon!

The Road Warriors will be receiving the 80s Wrestling Lifetime Achievement Award at 80s Wrestling Con on May 4th. Animal’s wife Kim Laurinaitis will be accepting the award live in Morristown, NJ.

You can step inside a 15 Foot High Steel Cage and get your photo taken inside the cage at 80s Wrestling Con!

Bill Apter will be the Official Host of 80s Wrestling Con.

And finally, TMart Promotions has confirmed more guests for The Gathering V this week, including The Beautiful People, George South, Lacey Von Erich, Nunzio, and Pitbull Gary Wolf.

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