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Rob Van Dam – ‘I Don’t Like Being In Triple Threat Matches’



On a recent edition of his “1 Of A Kind” podcast, Rob Van Dam expressed his mixed feelings about triple-threat matches while discussing the upcoming triple-threat bout between Samoa Joe, Swerve Strickland, and Hangman Page at AEW Revolution 2024.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On triple threat matches: “They’re ok, I guess. I don’t like being in them as much as a tag match because the story is just so different, and it just seems like a lot of the spots get played out. You know, the triple dome of terror, triple tower, triple tower-dome terror, whatever the f**k you call it where you give the double powerbomb out of the corner. Man, it used to be cool but then I’ve seen it done a hundred times.”

On the match being harder to have an impact in: “I don’t have the spotlight on me the whole time. A third of the time or so I might be on the floor selling while some other action is going on… It can be intriguing and can be fun. It’s not my least favorite match but overall, I feel like if I’m put in a 3-way/triple threat match, I feel like expectations are gonna be high, and then I automatically wonder like can we come up with stuff that’s so different that it makes those expectations?”

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