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Randy Orton Wants To Collab With John Cena On OnlyFans, Pirates Halt Elimination Chamber



John Cena launched a free OnlyFans account yesterday to promote his upcoming film “Ricky Stanicky.”

It now appears that Cena’s greatest nemesis, Randy Orton, wants to get in on the fun.

Taking to Twitter, Orton offered to collaborate with Cena who seemed receptive to the idea.

Cena tweeted, …like you’ve never seen me before. Subscribe at the link in bio. @onlyfans”

Orton replied, “Let’s collab!”

During Thursday’s WWE Elimination Chamber: Perth Kickoff event, WWE RAW commentator Michael Cole announced that pirates caused a delay in getting the steel cage to Australia.

Cole said,The structure took over a month to get here. Originally it was supposed to ship through the Suez Canal, but pirates made sure that didn’t happen. So it was sent to Miami, it was then shipped by truck to Los Angeles, put on a ship to Sydney, sent on a train to Perth, and now the Elimination Chamber is being constructed as we speak.

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