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Rob Van Dam – ‘I’m Open To Having An Extended Run In AEW’



Rob Van Dam has made several sporadic appearances for AEW, and he’s open to talking to Tony Khan about having a more regular run there.

Taking to his “1 Of a Kind” podcast, the Whole F’n Show commented on the possibility of having an extended run in AEW, the pros and cons of working one-off appearances, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On possibly having an extended AEW run: “I would like to think that I’m open to any conversation. So anything’s worth considering. Let’s hear what you got in mind, whatever. But no, I don’t have any of those talks. What you see is what you get, and that’s all anybody is talking about. All anyone is talking about doing, let me put it that way.”

On the pros and cons of working one-off appearances: “One thing the fans don’t take into consideration that I do, it’s cool having time off and I don’t want to be full-time, anything like that. But it is a big disadvantage, being in the ring, because no matter how much conditioning that I do, there’s no wrestling conditioning like wrestling. So if I was wrestling like every week, instead of sometimes every six weeks, maybe eight weeks, whatever, then you would have a little bit even more fluid RVD.”

“So for people who haven’t thought about that, that are like, ‘Well, he might not quite be what he used to be,’ and whatever, I’m not saying you’re wrong. I’m not saying I’m not 53. But I am saying that’s something you probably don’t even think about is that it’s a big advantage when you’re in ring condition because you’re in there doing it. That is one thing that I think about when I think about working weekly or under contract with an actual job versus just taking the shots here and there. There’s pros and cons obviously to both.”

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