Tuesday, April 23, 2024
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Sting Reveals His Goal For His Final Match, Darby Allin Praises Sting


During a recent interview with the New York Post, Sting commented on his goal for his final match at AEW Revolution 2024, how he wants to be remembered, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his goal for his final match: “I just want wrestling fans to be entertained. I want it to be a night to remember, a night where no one would say, ‘Ah man, it was just kind of sad. You can tell it just kind of passed him by. Well, good thing he’s done now.’ I don’t want that. I want them to go, ‘Oh my god, how does he do that?’ I want them to say, the Bucks, Darby, Sting all of them, that was so entertaining. That’s a night to remember. That’s all I ever cared about.”

On mentioning his late father in a recent promo: “I thought, I’m gonna be vulnerable maybe for the first time ever with wrestling fans out there in TV land and just mentioned, ‘Hey there’s some stuff going on in my life and I’m affected just like all the rest of you. I’m not invincible. This is making me consider my own mortality and on and on it goes. It’s a very humbling situation.”

On how he wants to be remembered: “I’d like to be remembered as Sting the guy who brought it every night. Sting the guy who never really changed. He was just rock solid through and through all the years and he was a man of God.”

In related news, Darby Allin recently spoke with The Athletic to discuss Sting’s final match at AEW Revolution 2024, what it’s been like to team up with him, and more.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On teaming with Sting at AEW Revolution: “Sting had that neck injury 10 years ago. He was going to have to retire. I remember saying, ‘Man, this guy’s career is gonna end like that?’ It’s wild how far I’ve come, and I’m so grateful, especially to be with Sting. I really believe the most important part of that man’s career is the end. And if you s— the bed in his last match, people are always going to remember that. I don’t know if you call it pressure, but to have that going into the match… I’ll stop at nothing. There’s nowhere I’m not willing to go to physically and mentally to prove a point. I will stop at nothing to make sure that man’s career ends on a high.”

On their team: “Outside the ring, the camaraderie we have, the trust he has in me, it’s really awesome. We could have just played this on-air buddy role, but to know I’m legit friends with him outside the ring… I think that’s why it goes over so well on screen. He could have just ridden off into the sunset and played it safe, but he’s got a work ethic like no other.”

On climbing Mount Everest in April: “If I die there, I’m at peace. I’ve lived more in the last two years than people do in a lifetime. .“Growing up, I was told to expect the bare minimum — that I wasn’t going to make anything of myself. I listened to those people. That got me a job as a dishwasher and got me a job in the 99-cent store. I was dying inside and didn’t know what I had to do. I chose to be homeless because I wanted to kill all the comfort zones I had and start risking my life. I’ve just been pushing it ever since. I saw a lot of young guys. They wake up, they sit on the couch, and they watch cat compilations on YouTube. They have that comfort zone. Before you know it, it’s already five in the afternoon. When you’re homeless, you have no choice but to wake up and start grinding, especially in Atlanta in the dead of summer. I was sleeping in my car in a parking garage and the moment the sun hit me, I couldn’t sleep. It’s impossible. It taught me the work ethic of not being comfortable; the biggest times you grow in life are when you’re uncomfortable.”

On his goal for All In: “I want to have a singles match. Just give me 15 minutes out there; I don’t care who it is against. When you’re put in that spot and there’s just two guys in the ring and the eyes are all on you… the pressure is on more. I want to be in a high-pressure situation.”