Thursday, February 29, 2024
NewsAEWTony Khan Comments On ‘Crazy Things’ Happening In Wrestling Lately

Tony Khan Comments On ‘Crazy Things’ Happening In Wrestling Lately



Pro wrestling has been hit with some major developments in recent times, and AEW President Tony Khan reacted to them on a recent edition of the “Sports Grid” podcast.

So far – 2024 has seen Vince McMahon resign from WWE/TKO over allegations of sex trafficking and sexual assault, Bushiroad terminate Rossy Ogawa’s contract over alleged poaching of STARDOM talents, and TNA where Scott D’Amore was fired last week.

Khan approached the question in a general manner, saying, “It’s a really exciting time for AEW right now. The company is doing some of our best wrestling ever. Right now is the best AEW has been. It’s an exciting time for the wrestling business. There are a lot of crazy things happening.”

He continued, “It’s a really important time in wrestling for a variety of reasons. Somethings outside of wrestling that are bigger than wrestling. For us, we’re doing the best wrestling we’ve done in AEW right now.”

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