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NewsAhmed Johnson Claims D’Lo Brown Was ‘Dangerous’ In The Ring, More

Ahmed Johnson Claims D’Lo Brown Was ‘Dangerous’ In The Ring, More



During a recent appearance on the “Monte & The Pharaoh” podcast, Ahmed Johnson claimed that D’Lo Brown was an “unsafe” worker and was extremely dangerous in the ring. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On D’Lo brown being “dangerous” in the ring: “Well, I agree with your statements, 100%. There was a match one time when we were wrestling, and he did the leapfrog thing he does, and I wasn’t even in place yet and he went and did it anyway. That jerk-a** boy, he’s not a friend of mine. I will say I probably did work stiff. Honestly, I was a little green when I came in, but the boss is the boss. He puts you in there and says, ‘You do this, you do that,’ or you don’t have a job the next morning.”

On allegations that Brown didn’t contact Droz after the latter was paralyzed: “I agree with you. How could you ruin somebody’s life or change their life course and not take care of them, not be there for them. I don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve heard rumors that he will go times without calling Droz. I paralyze you and change your life, and I’ll be calling you every day. I don’t think he showed enough gratitude.”

On the segment where Goldust kissed him: “First of all, I didn’t realize he was gonna even do that. We rehearsed it, and he put his hand over my mouth and he kissed his hand. When we went live, he thought it would be funny not to put his hand there, and he did it real. And unfortunately, some jobber at the door had to pay for it. He got out of there. He got his bag and went straight out the back door, but Dustin, he’s cool with me, man. I got no problem with Dustin.”

On his steroid use: “It’s exactly as it says it does. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you can hurt yourself real bad. It was something that you had to do, basically, if you were going to stay up top. Just about all the boys were on it. They won’t tell you that. That’s a weird one. I don’t know why they would be more open about drugs and alcohol. I took a test, and that’s the only thing I ever took. I didn’t stay on a full cycle on them. So my testosterone level and stuff, I’ve been blessed. Everything is good. Health is good.”

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