Angelina Love Reveals The Advice She Received From Sting & Kurt Angle


Angelina Love received some advice from two legends in the form of Sting and Kurt Angle during her time in TNA Wrestling.

Speaking during a recent virtual signing for Captain’s Corner, the former Knockouts Champion commented on her time working with the two legends. She said,


“One time — so I was in love with Sting when I was like 16, watching him on WCW. And when he was in TNA, I remember we did a tag match, and he watched it and pulled all four of us aside backstage and gave us constructive criticism. We were all just sitting there like, ‘Oh my God, you’re Sting, and we love you so much. You watched our match? That’s totally wild.’”

She continued, “Still, I love Sting. He’s so nice. Kurt Angle and his wife Giovanna are so sweet. I used to talk to them a lot when we were all together in TNA. Just very, very, very nice people, and with the girls getting, you know, the highest-rated segments on the show, there was never any weird jealousy or anything from the guys. The guys were super, super supportive of us. So it was a really, really, really great work environment.”

Angelina Love will be appearing on the upcoming episode of Impact 1000.

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