Angelina Love Says She Was Knocked Out During First Impact Knockouts Title Win


Angelina Love may have been a Knockout for Impact Wrestling for years, but the veteran performer was a Knockout in a very literal sense during her first title win.

Love won her first Knockouts Championship at Impact’s Lockdown 2009 event when she battled then-champion Awesome Kong and Taylor Wilde in a triple-threat cage match.


Speaking to “The Ten Count” podcast, Love recalled what she could from the match, and disclosed that she was knocked out during the final moments of the match. She said,

“I would love to say that the first time I ever won the championship was, like, my best, most memorable win. But I was completely unconscious on PPV when it happened. So it didn’t quite go the way I pictured it in my head. But I’m definitely proud of that, because the time that I was in TNA was when we were rocking and rolling. 

“We were on Spike TV, and the Ultimate Fighter was on after us. WWE had gone PG, so everybody was going to TNA, where we were, especially Velvet and I, really pushing the envelope. To be able to have the height of my success at that time is just the best. It’s awesome.”

Love was knocked out after landing awkwardly on the mat following a crossbody by Wilde. She would regain consciousness long enough to pin Wilde.

This win started Love’s first of six Knockouts Championship reigns, and she is a one-time TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champion.

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