Another Update On WWE Banning Third Party Platforms – Details


Writer’s Note: Please check out these two articles for further information regarding this developing story.

WWE Issues Statement On Banning Talent From Third Party Platforms

More Backstage News On WWE Banning Superstars From Using 3rd Party Platforms

According to a report by Fightful, while some wrestlers were outraged at WWE banning their talent from using third party platforms, not everyone was. Some wrestlers stated that they completely understand that Cameo cuts into the virtual meet and greets from WWE. However, very few WWE Superstars plan to stop their Cameo or streaming setups at this time. Two Superstars said that if WWE wants them to, they’ll renegotiate their contracts to make up for the revenue they would lose by the changes.

The issue is that WWE’s language was said to be vague at best. It’s unknown if WWE meant for the wrestlers not to use streaming and Cameo totally or just using WWE’s intellectual property (like their ring names) to promote it.

A direct answer wasn’t provided on if they could use their real names. Obviously, this is a developing story and another conference call with all of the talent to clarify things is expected to happen shortly.

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