Anthem Media Owner Explains Why They Purchased Impact Wrestling


The Financial Post ran an article on Anthem Sports and Entertainment where its owner, Leonard Asper, revealed why the company bought Impact Wrestling.

He said that he was a fan of Verne Gagne’s AWA and watched it with his brother. He also that Impact Wrestling is the second highest-rated program on The Fight Network.

Asper said: “I like sports. But I’m not doing this because I’m a wrestling fanatic. It’s a business decision. We want to own content as a company.

He moreover said that Anthem plans to tour Impact Wrestling later this year. The article noted the legal situation Anthem was in with former TNA President, Billy Corgan. Asper appeared to suggest the relationship could not be fixed. He added: “[Corgan] was going to do some other things in the wrestling world. We said when we get all of this blocking and tackling done, we’ll reconvene and see what we’ll do together.

“Blocking and tackling” means new distribution and television deals for the company, and their deal with Pop TV expires at the end of this year.

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