Arn Anderson Provides Health Update On Barry Windham


Speaking on a recent edition of his “ARN” podcast, AEW producer Arn Anderson commented on the health of Barry Windham after the latter suffered a severe heart attack back in November.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:


On Barry slowly recovering: “Getting it third party, he is making his way back slowly. He’s hopefully going to be much much better as time goes by. It was a really really bad scare. I know that it scared the shit out of all of us as soon as we heard it. It was a very very close call. I think he’s getting a little bit better. I don’t think he’s in a position where he can travel or anything like that yet, so.”

On the family appreciating all the prayers for Barry: “A lot of thought has gone into Barry Windham and his condition, and we all appreciate that coming from everybody. I know the family does. Hopefully Barry will be up and around before we know it.”

On not taking life for granted: “ABC News, with David Muir. I watch it everyday because it’s a constant reminder of things are happening in this world that are not small issues. And it happens, I mean, look at the stuff in Turkey that’s going on, in Syria with earthquakes. I mean, they’re still pulling people out amazingly, a week later, that are still alive. But how many thousands are dead? We’re not assured of tomorrow. Nobody’s promised us that there’ll be a tomorrow. Tell the people that you love today that you love ’em. Let ’em know. And do something nice for a stranger.”

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