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NewsAustin Theory On Claims Triple H 'Buried' Him Last Year

Austin Theory On Claims Triple H ‘Buried’ Him Last Year



Did Triple H ‘bury’ Austin Theory upon becoming Head of WWE’s Creative last year? The U.S. Champion doesn’t think so.

Last year saw Theory rack up a series of losses, which began around the same time as Vince McMahon’s retirement, leaving some to think he was being ‘buried’ by The Game.

On a recent edition of the “Babyfaces Podcast,” Theory shared his two cents on the idea that he was being buried. He said,

“We all know on the internet it’s tomorrow you can be the greatest thing in the world and the next day you could suck. You know, I remember a time that the internet said, ‘man, this guy, he’s getting buried. He loses every match.’ When’s the last time I lost a match? And people still have something to say now. So, to me, as long as there’s something said, I’m doing what I need to do. But if there’s nothing being said, then there’s a worry there because people say your name for a reason whether it’s good or bad.”

Theory, now in his second reign as WWE United States Champion, will defend his title against Santos Escobar on tonight’s episode of SmackDown.

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