Backstage News On When Daniel Bryan Knew He Was Leaving WWE


As noted, Daniel Bryan’s contract with WWE expired last week. He was banished from SmackDown after losing to WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns last week on the blue branded show. 

Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer is reporting that WWE is pushing hard to sign Bryan to a new contract. Bryan has been moved to the Alumni section on WWE’s official website. The former WWE Champion has yet to speak publicly since his loss to Reigns.

Meltzer talked about this on today’s Wrestling Observer Radio. 

“I knew something was up on Saturday because I had asked somebody, ‘so where’s he going? Raw, NXT, or what’s the deal?’ I got an interesting message on that. It was basically a message that kind of said — it talked some about that maybe he’s gonna leave which made me believe that his contract was coming due and he did an interview just a couple of days ago where he said everybody thinks my contract is due in September because he signed [his last deal] in September…whatever it is, it was until April 30.”

Meltzer added, “I guess he was gonna give them [until] right after WrestleMania in 2021, which is why all those promos were that this could be my last WrestleMania because his contract was coming due…the agreement was that he would go through this WrestleMania….yea, he’s a free agent. He can go anywhere he wants tomorrow…”

Meltzer noted that no one knows what Bryan will do and if anyone reports they do know then they’re liars. 

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