Backstage Rumor on why Bruce Prichard was Hired Back by WWE


As we reported late last week here on eWn, Bruce “Brother Love” Prichard was rehired by WWE and will be returning to the company at Monday’s WWE RAW TV tapings in Atlanta, GA. According to reports, Prichard will have a “top spot” on the RAW creative team. His role is being described as “important as possible.”

During the latest edition of WOL, Dave Meltzer revealed that Vince McMahon hired Prichard back in an attempt to get WWE back to the way it was in its “most popular time period.” He said,

“The Bruce [Prichard] thing is so interesting though. Again, Bruce is really knowledgeable about his era of wrestling, you know, he really is. He has been around for a long, long time. Obviously, he knows how to talk to Vince. It really shows to me that bringing Bruce back shows Vince is looking for the past. I’m not saying that Bruce is outdated. I’m saying that Vince is … and you can obviously see and it’s not a secret that Vince is frustrated about the attendance numbers. He’s not frustrated about the company. The company’s doing phenomenal. I couldn’t be doing better, it’s doing the best it has in history, but as far as getting, you know, connecting with the fans it’s really not in a terrible level because if you go back to 1993-95, that period it was so much worse. People will compare it to WCW, this isn’t even …. there’s stuff that doesn’t hit, but this isn’t close to WCW even though RAW is a chore, it is a real chore to watch every week. So Vince is looking and I think there’s a thing with older people that you …. and it’s a trap … because when things aren’t going good you start thinking, ‘We need to do it like we used to do it when they were doing good.’ There are lessons from that period. I think he’s just looking for … Vince has his own ideas and even though you change with the times and get new ideas, he hasn’t changed like Triple H has.”

Is should also be noted that Triple H’s WWE NXT roster is something Vince McMahon would have more than likely “laughed at” ten or fifteen years ago due to it being a lot of smaller independent-type guys, the kind of wrestler that used to get buried backstage. Vince has always been about the “bigger man” look but times have clearly changed now and he’s being forced to adapt whether he wants to or not. The fans are clearly showing him that the 80’s and early 90’s are well in the past.

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