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NewsBaron Corbin On Why Gable Steveson Faces An Uphill Battle In WWE

Baron Corbin On Why Gable Steveson Faces An Uphill Battle In WWE



Gable Steveson may be an Olympic Gold Medalist, but this may prove to be a serious problem for him, according to Baron Corbin.

Steveson signed with WWE in 2021 and is the company’s second-ever Olympic Gold Medalist following Kurt Angle who debuted in 1999.

On a recent edition of the “NotSam Wrestling” podcast, Corbin explained why Steveson’s Olympic pedigree may be a problem for him due to being compared to Angle. He said,

“He has an uphill battle. Man, when you have a pedigree of gold — it’s like anybody who comes up and thinks they are going to be the next Rey Mysterio. No, it’s not going to happen, sorry. There will never be another Rey Mysterio. I don’t care who you are or where you come from.

It’s the same as WWE Hall of Famer Kurt Angle. So, if you want to compare yourself and talk about the gold and do all of that, you’re never going to live up to the bar in front of you, because no one is going to be better than Kurt Angle at what he did. No one. He’s one of the best in the history of this business.”

Corbin faced Steveson in the Olympian’s first match at NXT Great American Bash 2023. Their double count-out finish was much criticized by fans at the time.

Steveson has competed a total of 12 times for WWE, with the majority happening at untelevised live events. The Olympian currently boasts an 11-0-1 win/loss/draw record.

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