Bayley Comments On How She Expects Fans To React To Her Current Character


During a recent interview with Metro, Bayley commented on how fans will react to her current character, her ongoing feud with Michael Cole, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On wanting a match with Michael Cole and taking jobs at Cole during the empty arena era: “Oh, I will make it happen! Don’t even worry about! It’ll happen…..I am gonna miss that. I don’t know if people realise it or they think I’m doing it just for fun – which it is fun, to give Cole crap. But I can literally hear them! They’re 10 feet away from me in an empty arena, so I can hear everything he’s saying, so it just felt fitting to respond to it. Why not?”

On being intrigued by how fans will respond to her character: “I’m interested to see how they react to me when I come back. I just feel so grateful that [WWE] gave me the opportunity to show a different side to me and show that I can be so much more. I’ve been having the best time! This is definitely some of the most fun matches and moments and stories that I’ve been in my career. It hasn’t even been in front of actual fans! So I can’t wait to get in front of fans and be able to share that with them.”

On her excitement for continuing to find new ways to expand her character: “I’ve just had so much fun being creative with it, and just trying to be different than everybody else – in whatever way that is, whether it’s my hair, or whether it’s my gear, the way I talk, my facial expressions. I keep learning and watching myself do little things that are different so I can separate myself from the pack.”

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