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NewsBecky Lynch Reacts To Trish Stratus Taking Shots At Her Family

Becky Lynch Reacts To Trish Stratus Taking Shots At Her Family



Becky Lynch will be facing off against WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus in a Steel Cage match at WWE Payback 2023, and Lynch was a recent guest on WWE’s “The Bump” to discuss their ongoing feud.

Lynch opined on her relationship with Trish Stratus, as well as Trish taking shots at her family.

You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On her relationship with Stratus: “The brutal part of it was that Trish Stratus, in many ways, was a bit of a mentor to me. Especially when I first had Roux, and [Trish] helped me a lot with different things — becoming a mom, becoming a mom in this business.”

On Stratus taking shots at Lynch’s family: “That’s the most hurtful part, because the other stuff — whatever she says about me, it doesn’t bother me. She can say that she’s the GOAT. Obviously, that’s not true. She can call me whatever she wants. It doesn’t affect me. But when you go out there and you talk about my daughter, you talk about my family, then you’re talking about the only thing that really matters to me in this world.”

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