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NewsBecky Lynch Talks Possibly Joining Total Divas & How Her Boyfriend Influenced...

Becky Lynch Talks Possibly Joining Total Divas & How Her Boyfriend Influenced Her Wrestling



“Straight Fire” herself, Becky Lynch recently spoke to USA Today’s “For The Win” section about a number of topics. The former Smackdown Live Women’s Champion discussed how her boyfriend, UFC fighter Luke Sanders, influenced her wrestling & the possibility of joining the cast of Total Divas. Seeing as how Eva Marie is no longer a part of the show and WWE producers are looking for someone to fill that void.

Here are the highlights:

How Her Boyfriend Influenced Her Wrestling:

“He’s such a sweetheart, just the best. He’s so great about taking the time to show me things. I’ll ask and he’ll come up with ideas; the spinning back kick that I’ve started using in a lot of my matches is something he showed me. There is a bunch of stuff that he showed me in the gym the other day that I haven’t incorporated yet, but it’s so good to be able to bring a different freshness into the ring.”

Possibly Joining The Cast Of Total Divas:

“Honestly, you’re the first person that’s said that to me. I haven’t heard anything about that. I think there’s a certain, not a whole lot, but a certain amount of mystery of me that I don’t really envision that as the best option for me to take part in. It’s a tremendous opportunity for those that do it, I just don’t know that it’s my thing. When I envisioned my life as a little girl, that was never in my horizons. I’m going to stay with what I want in the future, I don’t see that being reality TV.”

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