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Big Bill Hopes For AEW Singles Run, Talks Scrapped CM Punk/MJF Plans



AEW wrestler Big Bill (formerly Big Cass and W. Morrissey) recently spoke to Comedy Store Wrestling about getting a singles run, and the scrapped plans for a CM Punk vs. MJF feud. Big Bill joined AEW last summer, but has only wrestled sparingly since signing with Tony Khan’s promotion.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

Working with The Firm and a potential singles run: “It’s going to happen eventually. It’s a mutually beneficial experience right now for everybody in The Firm. Getting opportunities, helping each other out. As far as a singles run without The Firm, I have no idea, right now, we’re just doing what we have to do to find success in AEW. Teaming up, whether that’s tag team matches or helping each other backstage or whatever it is. We were put together for a reason and we’re sticking with it right now. I don’t know when a singles run will happen. Right now, I’m really enjoying working with Lee and Stokely, Ego [Ethan Page] is awesome and the Gunns are great.”

Scrapped plans for CM Punk & MJF: “Whatever was planned got kiboshed pretty quickly. After that, we’ve been making the best of it. Stokely, myself, and Lee working together has been pretty good. What we just did with Jungle Boy and HOOK was really fun. The fans liked it and it did really good numbers, I don’t know if I want to talk about that. It was entertaining and people liked it. It was a fun thing to do. There is traction there, for sure.”

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