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Big E. Says He’s Happy To See Apollo Crews Finally Reaching His Potential, More



During a recent interview with Uproxx, Big E. commented on Apollo Crews finally reaching his potential, and more. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On his feud with Crews: “As much as we butt heads lately, I have to give him a ton of credit because he stepped his game up and he’s a guy who always could get it done in the ring. He’s an incredible performer and has been for quite some time. He just needed that opportunity. And it’s good to see him step out and show a different side. Too often guys like that, people will say when it’s all said and done, ‘Ah, what could have been with that really talented guy, who was a good in-ring performer.’ But now, I feel like you’re seeing some of the promise of that potential with Apollo Crews.”

On the legacy of the Intercontinental Title: “Some really tremendous performers have held the title. As much flack as I would give Sami Zayn, he’s a guy who has had an incredible career. He’s had some ups and downs of course, but to see again, he’s a guy who reinvented himself and the stuff he was doing with he IC title, being really crafty, I thought really worked and was so unique. You’re seeing so many guys who were former world champions or future world champions hold the Intercontinental championship.

“And I love that it’s become a bit of the premiere title in many ways. In the past, we might’ve had some performers who were not full-time performers with the world championship and you don’t see them every week. So the Intercontinental championship is the only male singles title, at times, that you’d see on a weekly basis. The title, as we all know, has such an incredible history and it deserves to have that lineage carried on in the proper way. So that’s my goal, is to do my best, to make sure that title remains elevated and continues to be even more elevated than it is.”

On adding layers to his character in his solo run: “Every interesting character has layers. I’m still the Big E that enjoys making people laugh. I enjoy entertaining you. But I’m not going to just lay down. When someone crosses the line with me, I want to show an intensity and in the same vein, I want to be the funniest person on the roster. In back-to-back weeks, you might laugh watching me more than you laugh watching anyone else. And then the next week, I want you to say, ‘Oh, that’s a man who is terrifying.’ I want to show layers and depth. And I feel like every performer should strive to do the same. I think being one way or the other, eventually gets old. Everyone wants to show those complex layers and I’m glad I’m getting those opportunities to show what I can do.”

On going into WrestleMania with a title: “I’m born and raised in Tampa. I played my high school all-star game when I was 17 at Raymond James. We had a bowl game when I was at the University of Iowa. I tore my ACL, but I was on the sideline when we played Florida. The city means a lot to me. It’s home and I’ve lived here my whole life besides college. So to be home, with fans, and moving in the right direction when people are getting vaccinated, which is of course, something that I’d encourage anyone to do, it’s a dream come true to have WrestleMania at home as I walk in as a champion. There’s so many incredible cities that deserve to host WrestleMania. For me, selfishly, this is the one. This is number one. If I could pick any city in the world, it would be Tampa. And I’m ready for it.”

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