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Big E Talks NJPW’s Influence On US Wrestling Industry, Updated WWE NXT Lineup



During an appearance on “Fanatics Live” over WrestleMania 40 weekend, Big E discussed the influence of NJPW on the wrestling industry in the United States. He said,

“My thoughts on New Japan? I always have. I love that wrestling is in a really great spot where people have a lot of different options. There is a ton to watch, a ton of different styles. I love Shingo Takagi. I think he is very, very talented. There’s a ton of great talent in New Japan, and I feel like New Japan has greatly influenced a lot of the style of modern US wrestling. At least we all think we can make it in New Japan. A lot of us dream of one day doing a run in Japan, or doing a G1. But it takes a toll, from what I hear.”

He continued, “It’d be cool. I think we’re doing more, obviously, it’s really cool to see Shayna [Baszler] at Bloodsport. Wasn’t [William] Regal’s son [also at Bloodsport?] Yeah. So I feel like now we’re in an atmosphere where you might get to see a talent change between New Japan and WWE. That’d be cool.”

WWE has worked with a few smaller promotions, particularly in 2024 such as AJPW and GCW.

You can also check out the updated lineup for Tuesday’s episode of WWE NXT below:

* Noam Dar vs. Dijak
* Sol Ruca vs. Lola Vice
* Ridge Holland vs. Joaquin Wilde
* Tatum Paxley vs. Thea Hail
Steel Cage Match: Trick Williams vs. Carmelo Hayes

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