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Bobby Lashley – ‘WWE Is Trying To Find A Place For B-Fab Somewhere’



Bobby Lashley has nothing but high praise for B-Fab.

Speaking on a recent edition of “The Ten Count” podcast, the Almighty praised the Hit Row member’s potential.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his encounters with B-Fab: “As far as B-Fab, I don’t know. She’s another person, she has a lot of potential. I think the office really likes her. She’s been putting in a lot of work. She’s been working with Natalya, she’s been working with TJ. She’s putting in some serious work, and I think that’s cool about the new regime. They’re giving some of these younger talent opportunities, the ones that actually are busting their butt, and you can see it on TV because you see different faces popping up all the time. I think B-Fab is one those.”

On B-Fab’s potential: “They’re trying to find the place for her somewhere. If she has an opportunity to come with us, kudos. I like her so far. I think she is an incredible talent, I think she has a lot of possibilities and a lot of potential. So we’ll see. I think she’s awesome, I think that she has some great potential, but my direct focus is on seeing those titles around the Street Profits again. It would just look good on them. They need to have those titles.”

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