Bobby Roode Speaks On Possible Opponents, WrestleMania Goals, Joining WWE, More


Bobby Roode recently appeared on The Baby Huey and Bimbo Jimbo show to talk about various topics. Here are the Highlights:

On having no issues with joining NXT: “I was very excited to be a part of NXT actually because it was such a hot brand! At the time Finn Balor was down there. Shinsuke Nakamura was just starting out. Samoa Joe, Austin Aries, guys who I had the pleasure of working with in the past. So, I was extremely excited about going down there. The talent down there was off the charts. To be a part of the WWE itself was just something that I looked forward to. Getting to NXT, and getting a chance to like I said to take that position and be at the forefront and to be in the main events and eventually to become a champion was everything that I was hoping for. It was just an amazing experience down there, such a great brand to be a part of.”

Why his time in NXT was so special: “My time at NXT the last year and a half has been the most grateful in a lot of ways. It really brought my passion back for this business… To be put in the position that I was in NXT as the champion and the face of the brand for over 6 months was an amazing experience.”

On potential opponents from the RAW and SmackDown brands: “So many guys. I mean there really is, and I’m not kidding. The first guy that kind of comes to mind here on the Smackdown roster would be A.J. (Styles). A.J. is one of those guys that I had the pleasure of coming up together in the business with. He’s been in the business as long as I have, and we’ve traveled many roads together, and been in the ring a lot, but never on a WWE stage, so that would be very special for me…Anybody on Raw? I mean again there are so many guys over there. John Cena would be awesome. Braun Strowman…I mean the names go on and on and on guys that I haven’t been in the ring with. This is a brand new platform for me. A lot of uncharted waters, and a lot of places I want to go, and a lot of guys I want to face. Very exciting times for me.” ?

On possible WrestleMania moments: “It’s kind of in the back of your mind obviously because you have that opportunity hopefully. Hopefully I am given the opportunity to be a part of it, but the ball is in my hands right now…WrestleMania is still many months away, but I am hoping to get an opportunity here to prove myself and have some great matches, and to fit in with Smackdown, and be a big part of it. If I continue to work hard and do the things that I did down in NXT here I’m pretty sure I’ll get that opportunity at WrestleMania.”

The interview is available in full at this link.

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