Booker T

Booker T Believes Chris Jericho Signing With AEW Gave Them Legitimacy


WWE Hall Of Famer Booker T recently talked about a wide range of topics during his latest Heated Conversations episode. This includes the launch of AEW (All Elite Wrestling) as well as Chris Jericho signing with the company since the promotion was announced earlier this month.

“They’re coming in hot, I’ve never seen anything like this, a company that is a pop up is major players. TNA was built around a bunch of young guys that were unknowns, these are guys who are starting an organization and they are signing big contracts.”

“With Chris Jericho behind this thing, that’s a legitimizer. They have a major player that’s been all over the world and has done it all, as well as Chris Jericho is that teacher, he isn’t going to be that guy that’s just along for the ride, more power to him for taking a shot at it.”


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