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Booker T Reacts To The Rumors That Daniel Bryan Has Signed With AEW


During the latest edition of his “Hall of Fame” podcast, WWE Hall of Famer Booker T commented on the rumors that Daniel Bryan has signed with AEW, and more. You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On not being surprised by the Daniel Bryan/AEW news: “Hey bro, you know, there it is! I’m like Nate Diaz. I’m not surprised *laughs* I’m going to leave that last part off, but I’m not surprised at all, man, as far as guys making the switch and going over. You know, it’s war man. It really is, and these guys have every right to actually do it the way they want to do it if they’re not happy over here. Daniel Bryan has had a great career in WWE, he was making money, even on the independent circuit, this guy has put in the work. So, I’m not gonna hate. I’m not gonna hate. And the thing is, WWE shouldn’t hate either. Basketball players go to different teams every year. You know, we saw LeBron James leave Cleveland and say, ‘Man, I’m going to South Beach, where the women at! You know, it’s hot! The big houses!’ You know what I mean? I understand! I get it, man. I get it. If I was one of those guys, I might be thinking the same exact thing, just like with Daniel Bryan.”

On how times have changed: “It’s not like it used to be back in the day where guys wanted to have a 20 year career in WWE. And the thing is, it was different back then. It’s a totally different time now with these young guys and the way they see this business. It’s their world right now, so I can’t sit here and hate on anything Daniel Bryan is doing. One thing about Daniel Bryan and AEW, he’s going to be able to pretty much write his own ticket, go out and have the matches that he want to have. Go out and create the stories that he wants to create. And that’s what a lot of times a lot of these guys are looking for. I always wanted to be able to create and do my own thing as well. I knew I wasn’t going to be able to do that in WWE. That’s why I got Reality of Wrestling. I said, ‘I’ll create my own stories, I’ll create my own angles. I’ll name all the guys!’ One of my greatest names that I came up with was Captain Kurt! *Laughs* It was a good one. That’s what guys want to do. They want to be able to do their own thing right now, and AEW has given a lot of these guys a chance to do their own thing.”

On comparing it to Lance Archer in AEW: “Lance Archer, he was saying, ‘Man, this is the best years I’ve ever had.’ He’s so happy, you know, because Lance Archer is a guy who’s been out there for a long time. This guy has been working in Japan. And a lot of times, when you can’t get work in somewhere like WWE, you go to Japan. He went over to Japan, and he did pretty well for himself. And now, he’s in AEW, and he’s been there for a year. And didn’t I say a second ago, you don’t want to have to go to Japan if you don’t have to. Now like I said, to be able to go over on a tour, that’s cool, but to have to leave America, your home, to go there, I don’t know how many times out of the year to make a living here, it’s really, really hard. And I’m sure a guy like Lance Archer is saying, ‘Man, I’m sure glad AEW’s here because I got a job.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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