Both NBC And FOX Unhappy With WWE


After a report today from Dave Meltzer, it has emerged that both FOX and NBC Universal are unhappy with some of the decisions made by WWE.

According to reports, WWE have to play a “balancing” act to please both of their broadcasting companies. NBC Universal are reportedly very unhappy over WWE’s choice to move Rey Mysterio vs Roman Reigns off the Hell in a Cell card and instead onto the FOX Network broadcasted SmackDown. This predominantly stems from how the Hell in a Cell PPV will broadcast on Peacock which is also owned by NBC Universal.

FOX’s grievances on the other hand come from how WWE promote Peacock on SmackDown, and there are people within FOX who are “not happy” with this being the case.

As a result of the issues on both sides, WWE are currently having to play a “balancing act” to keep both their broadcast partners happy and content.

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You can check out for the full results from SmackDown including Reigns vs Mysterio here.


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